April 18, 2019

Is MailChimp worth it in 2019?


Hey guys!

Recently, MailChimp brought about some changes in their policies. And they had a break up with Shopify. This, combined with their lack of support on the free version, and a troublesome pricing structure on higher tiers, has made a lot of MailChimp users unhappy.

Our team went deep into MailChimp, and realised that in a lot of cases, it isn’t the right fit for a lot of businesses.

Another thing to know is that MailChimp has shifted their focus and are no longer focusing solely on Email Marketing.

So we decided to test out 7 of the top Email Marketing Software in the industry to help make your decision to find the right Email Marketing Software easier.

Here, we share our in-depth feedback and comments on using the top alternatives to MailChimp.

Check out the analysis in detail: https://www.sendx.io/blog/using-mailchimp-alternatives/?utm_source=ih

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    We switched over to EmailOctopus because it was the next best solution (Mailchimp would become ridiculously expensive to use at this time).

    Although it's very barebones, we make it work. Although I have told customer support that if they could support a Zapier "Create/update subscriber" instead of just "Create subscriber" this would have made us switch over 1 year ago.

    I still love Mailchimp, as it's the most solid ESP out there for starting out. Kinda like the Heroku for ESPs, just don't stay on there unless you want to pay out the whazoo when you start growing.

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      Yep, definitely agree with MailChimp's pricing problems at higher tiers. Have you tried SendX?

    2. 1

      Hey Kevin, Jonathan from EmailOctopus here. Pleased to report that a better API and Zapier integration is on our roadmap for later this year, so watch this space. Cheers for sticking with us!