May 16, 2019

Is my images-to-PDF project a good idea?


Hi, I'm starting building a desktop app to convert several images into one PDF.
Each image becomes a page of the PDF.
Is it useful? Would you use it?

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    This exists as an online tool ->

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        Haha.. I have used it a couple of times with no issues as such. Or should i be scared. 😦

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    a desktop app to convert several images into one PDF.
    Each image becomes a page of the PDF.

    Adobe Acrobat already does this. Drag & drop. Granted, not everyone has an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

    But even for me that regularly exchanges image files with other designers, we don't use PDF to exchange image files.

    So I would really research who will be your target customer.

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      Thanks for your comment @owelcodes. I'm thinking it would be useful mostly for when you have to print a document, write something on it, then scan it and send it. Like a contract for example.

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    These guys might build it for you

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      Thanks for letting me know of an existing competitor. I'm glad to see that what they offer is quite limited though. You can only select one image. And being an online tool there's a bandwidth + privacy concern

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        There's a bunch of other similar products that let you upload several images and compile them into a PDF (I think the last I used was, did the job perfectly). It's a commodity service few people will ever pay for. I would suggest looking elsewhere.

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          Try to think about what the root cause of the problem is and find something to solve that. Why do I ever have to put together a bunch of random images and send them as a PDF? Clearly that's not something humanity needs in the future. What's going to help us get rid of that shitty workflow? Think about THAT and build THAT.

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        Do you think users have to generate enough multiple images to PDF to warrant a download?

        Or will they just convert to PDF and then merge using the site I linked?

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          I would. Would you?

          Also, I feel like if I make my app available in the mac app store, people would trust it more than sending their files to a random website.

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            Depends if the images will be in public domain or contain sensitive information.

            I would google and see if you can find users who have the same problem you're having. If they're paying for a solution etc.

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