Landing Page Feedback October 17, 2020

Is my landing page launch-ready?


So i have been working on this extension that accepts cookies for you on websites. Here is a quick gif showing how it works:

Do you think my landing page has what it takes to get sales?

By the way if you are interested in becoming a beta user, send me a dm/email at [email protected]

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    I was so annoyed by cookie banners a while ago so I installed the free Chrome extension "I dont care about cookies". This plugin always accept cookies though.
    You landing page made me exited because the subheadline says that I can also deny cookies, which is a feature I miss.

    I would have wished that your landing page would show more information - at least a screenshot of the settings would be great. A text about how the plugin works would also be nice.

    Lastly, to be very honest, I do not care that much about denying cookies and the other extention is already a great free choice. So, I probaly would not buy the product for this price - but maybe you focus on another target audience? Probably someone who values privacy more? Then, I would add more information about this topic though.

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      Currently the settings are just "accept all"/"deny all". But i ran into some issues for the deny all part:

      • Some websites force you to actually accept cookies and don't let you in if you don't accept
      • Some websites do not have a "deny" option
      • Some websites have complex privacy settings with multiple radio buttons/checkboxes and i'm not sure how to translate them into my accept/deny settings

      The deny all feature is definitely something i want to get working. Right now i'm thinking about mixing in "ignore when denying is not possible".

      Regarding the way it works; It's a mix of specific css selector and javascript to simulate the click on the right elements (so it is as if you clicked yourself on the "accept" button or the cross/"deny" button). I inject css into the page to make the process invisible. I will try to add more info to the site on this part

      Regarding the pricing, if you feel it is too expensive, can you let me know what kind of pricerange you would be ready to look at? (i just randomly picked 97 as a starting point)

      Thank you so much for the feedback.

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    Honestly I don't mind about the cookies themselves. What I do care about is getting rid of cookie popups and banners.

    Personally I would try to move that bit of information above the fold instead of under it.

    Additionally, I'd put the chrome extension button below that bit of information. As such users will first see a bit of your branding, then that it removes cookie prompts, after which you put a CTA to download the extension or something like that.

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      Thank you for looking at it. Currently you need to be logged in to use the extension, i'm still looking for a CTA that will somehow convey that.
      Can i ask you what you think abour pricing? is 97 for lifetime to high/to low, should i go for monthly subscription instead?

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        I believe there are free extensions which do the thing you're trying to sell, so I do not really see why I should pay for that.

        Additionally, I have never seriously looked into that, so what do I know?

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          I checked theses free extension and they lack some things that i thought would be worth paying for:

          • some of them just use selectors like "cookie" or "consent" to hide every single banner/popup and sometimes hide other important parts of pages
          • none of them denies cookies when possible

          maybe i should try freemium? i don't even know where to start. Thank you for your feedback, it was very usefull.

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            Well I'm quite technically minded, so I do not think my views with regard to this are representative to the rest of the world, but I'm wondering how a tool is exactly able to hide all and exclusively cookie popups. So if you actually found a superior way to achieve this, I think that would be worthy to advertise with.

            Although I'm not sure whether uBlock Origin blocks cookies, it does block requests. I believe this on itself already goes a long way to protecting privacy (I do not care about cookies themselves, I care about privacy).

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    have you some clients ? It looks really expensive to my mind no ? There is free alternative on google chrome extension store ?

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      no it's just a landing page i made to test out what people think (the extension is ready tought).
      There are free alternatives but they don't exactly work 100% of the time.

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        you're from Belgium ? Do you speak French ?

        1. 1

          yes, i speak french too.

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            aha top j'suis français, tu as des gens un peu avec qui parler de projets entrepreneuriaux ?

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              pas vraiment, j essaye des choses random en ce moment

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                attend on peut se parler en chat un truc dans le genre sur ce forum ?

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