Newsletter Crew August 6, 2020

Is My Landing Page Smart, Stupid, or Somewhere In-Between?

Kash Dhanda @KashD

I'm launching a personal newsletter this weekend and created a landing page for it in Mailchimp. It was my first time using their landing page builder and overall I would not recommend it haha.

I had some trouble writing the content for the page, since it's a personal newsletter with links/articles/videos/GIFs that I think are interesting. Similar in concept to Tim Ferris' 5 Bullet Friday and David Perell's Monday Musings. (have purchased a branded domain already, will be connecting it in two days or so)

My specific questions:

  1. Does it come off as funny, or too try-hard?
  2. What (if anything) do you like about the landing page?
  3. What are the areas for opportunity?
  1. 2

    In my honest opinion, "interesting" is too generic.

    I find a lot of things interesting that other people don't and vice-versa. So it's not really clear what I would be subscribing for.

    1. 1

      I can see that - will keep refining the value prop. Tough to find something that covers the various types of content I want to share, but must be done. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. 2

    It's straightforward with no fancy bullshit! I like it but I am not sure if it might be a good fit for the general site visitors!

    I would love to get some feedback from you on! Thanks :)

  3. 2

    It's a good start! My feedback is that it might be a bit too generic. Who's your audience? Narrowing down the audience and speaking to them might help because the current message doesn't tell me if I'm the audience for this newsletter. My 2c

    PS: Get Pico involved. He'll drive more audience ;)

    1. 3

      I agree with this post 100%

    2. 1

      Totally agree. "Interesting" is too generic and I find a lot of things interesting that other people don't and vice-versa. So it's not really clear what I would be subscribing for.

  4. 2

    It's okay IMHO.

    1. It comes off a bit pitiful. Don't put stuff like "Probably not, but maybe." in the context of downplaying your product/service. Your service is the best ever. No way, anything is wrong with it (it may not suit people's taste, but YOU have to believe it's the best). I think this was intended to be funny, but it's not.
    2. I like, that it's clean and clearly (as much as possible) explaining what to expect
    3. The product itself. I'm not gonna subscribe to random content, no matter how good it may be. It's just too broad for me. You need to hit a nerve. Seems to me, like you haven't found the niche yet.
    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback!

      1. Indeed you're correct that I was trying to be a bit light-hearted. Pending other feedback this line might need to be removed.
      2. I'm glad that its clear!
      3. Indeed, that is the trickiest problem. This will be a fun side project for me, rather than something I'm looking to monetize, so I'm hesitant to niche down too early. Perhaps once I find out what hits that nerve, I can adjust.

      Much appreciated!

  5. 1

    A Weekly Newsletter of Perspective-Changing Ideas for Open-Minded People - Too bulky and use of subjective words. Give me some real value.

  6. 1

    The very first thought when I see at the H1 - what are the criteria of "interesting"?

    I was missing the spicific value

    Like, you say at the beginning - "If you like thinking about and sharing new ideas" - oh yes, I do! Many of those, actually. My garden. My dog. My product. My bike. My landing page. My interviews. My favourite coffee. So, which of these do you mean by saying "ideas"?

    Probably if you figure out your target audience (i.e. what are their concerns?), that will be easier for you to deliver the value?

  7. 1

    As everybody said, "Interesting" is too generic. Also, logo is nice.

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