Is my pricing model clear?

I am in the final stage of building the MVP for Elastictable (a SaaS product).
Currently, I am building the website, adding info, terms, privacy policy, and, of course, the pricing page.

=> URL: https://www.elastictable.com/pricing

What do you think of it? Did I miss anything important?

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    Hi, some notes:

    • The distinction between the developer licence and the "template licence?" is not clear. I would prefer to see them side by side, so that I can make a better choice. Right now I need to scroll down, look in the FAQ to figure out what are the distinctions. At some point I thought the developer license had less stuff than the other one. Look at this: https://www.landen.co/#pricing it's extremely clear.
    • Actually, does the developer licence offer more stuff? or less stuff? It's a lot cheaper (199/year versus 60/months), but looking at the FAQ at the bottom, it seems it has more stuff. Does it come on top of the normal license?
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      Thanks again for your feedback! In fact, I was unsure about the previous setup of the page and you confirmed my doubts :-)

      Since yesterday, I reworked the pricing page. I now put the developer license on top and added one included workspace to that package. Additional workspaces are below it.

      Same idea, easier to understand. What you do think?

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      This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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    I missed the "Developer license" the first time around. Because of the "fade in" animation, it seemed that there is just an empty space right after "Predictable pricing
    " table. You have to scroll further to see it.

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