Is OneSimpleApi ready for a PH launch? [Roast my landing]

After more than 2 weeks of conversations and iterating ideas, I think I've reached a "launchable" level for OneSimpleApi.com.

I've been iterating on the landing page almost everyday and would love to have your feedback.

Please take a look: https://OneSimpleApi.com

Do you see the value?
What's awesome?
What didn't you like?

As a Thank you, please add your landing page to the comment and I'll give you my feedback.


Is OneSimpleApi ready for a PH launch?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. What's this site about? I don't get it!
  4. Just start with 1 feature
  5. What's an API?
  1. 2

    I think you should putting it on PH. Getting feedback is important.
    One problem I see it the harsh competition in this field.
    I can't see you winning over users by the api feature alone. You must understand the nocode people. Most of them don't no what an API is.

    I would pick one platform and make videos how to integrate your API with them. One by one.

    If someone searches for 'how to show a screenshot in webflow' you are there. They will pick you because they can follow the steps one by one.

    All best

    1. 1

      Hi @ezzato thanks for your feedback! Yes, my idea is to make tutorials for each and every no-code tool. I believe in the power of SEO as a long term strategy for OneSimpleApi.com

      On the other hand, I feel hesitant to make video tutorials, @pkafei also suggested this, so It seems like I should overcome my stage fright!

  2. 2

    Shared my feedback privately, and I think it is already at launchable level.

    You've got some APIs to get it started, now it's time to launch and see how your audience feels about it. You'll also get valuable feedback and feature requests by fellow devs.

    Try and trigger a chat like "you can also share your feedback or request features that you want" when someone visits. Currently, you thank the visitor for stopping by so you can add the feedback part to it.

    My main project useoutreach.com helps find leads and close first sales. Happy to hear your feedback on the app, if you have the time.

    1. 1

      @Dinakar thanks for all your feedback! Public and Private :D
      I will work on the chat as it's a great idea for the launch.

      Regarding useoutreach.com, these are my answers:
      Do you see the value? Yes, I can tell what it's offering right away. I would work a little bit more on the wording of: "Launch successful sales cadence."

      What's awesome?
      The footer copy! I would move it up, because it's really good and gives a great perspective of what useoutreach.com is about.

      What didn't you like?
      The video. It has loud music, and no voiceover, I had no idea what was going on most of the time.

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