Landing Page Feedback January 7, 2020

Is our pricing page easy to understand?

Che Sampat @KareemC

Are you able to instantly see and understand the difference between the pricing options and the fees included with the service?

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    I personally prefer a % rate which includes everything. Otherwise, it's producing too many misunderstandings when there comes X, Y & Z on top of a shown percentage.

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    Why use yours when payments will be processed by stripe? Any benefits. Please let me know if I am missing something.

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      Stripe's no-code integrations are very limited and still with some require some kind of website (Stripe Checkout). We offer a full end to end solution backed by powerful features with zero technical knowledge required.

      For example, our Payment Link feature ( is not replicable just Stripe alone as it requires a backend to hold the 'boilerplate' for the one time payment.

      Another example is our Recurring Payment feature (, yes Stripe Billing exists but on its own it lacks basic features like customers being able to update their card details on their own or even being able to view their recurring payments.

      This list goes on but in short, we provide a full billing solution that requires no code and compared to competitors or the cost of building your own integration is very cheap.

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    How about merging it to just one plan of 1% with a 49$/month max payment
    and merge the stripe fees into the plan

    Simple as

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    As I understand it you have two plans to choose from: "pay as you go" and monthly. And on top of that clients pay the actual Stripe fees whatever they may be?

    If I got it right, overall it is clear and looks good! I think adding an item for processing fees within both the product boxes would make it even clearer. "+ Stripe payment processing fees"

    I understand that it is difficult to show a single price with all fees included since Stripe have different fees for every country and variable rates across different cards.

    When I click on the "see pricing for your country" it takes me to the wrong pricing page - UK instead of Sweden.

    Partner is misspelled "patner " above the Stripe percentage fees.

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    There's a typo in the stripe fees section.
    It says "See pricing for your contry here" instead of "See pricing for your country here"

    I definitely agree with @JaySignorello about making the distinction between pay as you go and monthly clear to potential user.

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    When I look at it long enough yes, but not at first glance. You'll either loose customers or upset them later.

    This is what I found confusing:

    1. The "PAY AS YOU GO" vs "MONTHY" was not clear. At first I though that was different plans I could choose from, since it's laid out in a typical SaaS plan layout.

    2. I missed "processing fees" section, which was "below the fold" for me. So if I signed up and later found out I had to pay more, I'd be super upset.


    I'd create a two column layout for the pricing section. On one side, I'd place what's included. In the other, I'd allow them to toggle between the different payment options. In that column, I'd also make it clear that the pricing didn't include the "processing fees".

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