September 16, 2020

Is Product Hunt the best place to launch your product? What are some alternatives that not so many know?



I am doing a webinar on our Product Hunt Launch. Although we did not end up the best product of the day, we have managed to learn a lot about how it works. It is a really great platform for rapid growth and lead capture. Do you think so as well and do you know familiar platforms?

You can find the link for free registration below:

Cheers 🎉

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    I've learned that (99% of the time) if there are "alternatives not many people know about", it's not a place you want to focus on anyway because it doesn't have much exposure/traffic. Some smaller sites though are:

    • BetaList
    • If you plan to do a discount, AppSumo/FB SaaS deals groups
    • You could just post that you're launching in various Facebook Groups
      (btw, I have a full list of channels that worked for IH founders, see the link in my profile bio)

    Would love to hear about your lessons from launching on PH.

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      Agree with this one. These are all great suggestions maybe HackerNoon too if your product fits with their audience. Oh and leverage Twitter, that could help even if you’re audience is small.

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      I also thought as you did when I was writing that sentence, however I guess you should try everything possible on your hand 🤷🏼‍♂️

      Definitely will check out your profile for that channels, thank you so much 🙏🏼

      I'll be doing the webinar today, 8 PM UTC +3, you can register here for free:

      If you cannot join, I'll make sure to give a link of the recording under this post 🙈

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    I would say that ProductHunt is probably the best place to launch your product because the influential community conversation and feedback are a successful way of getting a new product off the ground and receiving widespread recognition at the same time. ProductHunt has a large and active following, including key influencers, celebrities, reporters, and entrepreneurs, giving you a great opportunity to communicate directly with the industry influencers. However, there are several other places where you can post your product and expect plenty of traction. Hopefully, these resources will help you to identify some of them which suit your needs:

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    beta list

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      Will check it! Did you launch a product there already?

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        I've posted there at beginning of July but still not published.
        They put you in a few months queue, so hopefully you'll pay them to get published immediately.

        Also there's
        Madewithviewjs (managed to get published there

        There are "madewithX" for multiple technologies.

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    I’ve just launched this a few days ago. It’s young but it’s getting traction and in going to push it hard.


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    If your product solves any of the problem listed at needgap, you're welcome to explain how your product solves their problem.

    This way you can directly reach to customers who actually need your product.

    It's my problem validation platform.

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    Here's a free list of 150+ sites where you can promote your startup :)
    Submit Juice

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    No, its worst.