Ideas and Validation October 17, 2020

Is setting up tech stacks painful for you?


Do you struggle to choose and set up your infrastructures (eg. serverless or not) when a new idea comes into your mind?

I love to start new projects very quickly and start to think about creating something like a generator. Do you think there may be a need for this?

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    This was a big pain point for me and one of the reasons I started (React codebase generator). It's doing pretty well, so there's definitely a need. What kind of tech stack are you thinking?

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      Nice app! Any plans to add different stacks?

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        Will definitely be expanding the options. Material UI and Gatsby are coming soon. What would you like to see?

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          Rails mainly but maybe also Elixir/Phoenix

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            I'm planning on sticking with Node on the backend for now, but maybe down the road. Appreciate the feedback!

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          I built my blog using one of the starter packs which are really awesome out of the box already?

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    I usually make products by nocode tools nowadays. I found the tool selection process pretty. There's a good amount of curated resources that explain how to build X by XYZ tools.

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    I think there could be a need. I have a few strengths I stick to, but there's always something new that I want to try, and it's the interoperability between the two that's hard.

    For example, I like Rails with HAML, but I want to try React for Rails, but if I want to be fast, I'd just do Rails with HAML and string along some jQuery until I had time to learn how to get React and Rails to play nice. It depends how much I want to wade through documentation, vs just code.

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