Ideas and Validation September 25, 2020

Is something wrong with my Hackathon LP?


Hi guys!

We're hosting an online hackathon and after a week of promotion we still have just a few teams. Can you say is anything here that might stop people from registering? Maybe something is unclear and we don't see it? Thanks in advance!

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    I like the landing page! The theme might be a bit too abstract though; maybe it helps to add some more specific project examples and how your APIs could be used.

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      I came here to say basically this. Some examples could help provide inspiration as I'm drawing a blank on ideas for "textless communication". This is especially true if the end result has to be actually useful in the real world. @Aga_Jaskiewicz

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        Awesome! Thanks for your suggestions!

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    There is a link of this Hackathon?

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      Here it is:
      It was deleted I believe but don't know why ;>

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        I suggest you to edit the post and add the link because the idea could be good for others

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          I'd love to but the option is blocked by Indiehackers;/

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            Mmm have you tried with markdown, (title)[link with https]

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              I'm not even able to edit it ;/

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        Imho the landing page is really good.
        I'm a developer and I think that could be scary for the developers the idea to develop something related to messaging It's not so simple.

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          Got you! Our tool (LiveChat) is a messaging tool. Do you think we should explain the idea of 'textless communication' somehow to make it more affordable?

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            Yes probably something more related to the creativity because the landing page is really good but more connected to the "develop" face of the problem and it could be scareful.

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    Hi again! Thanks for your suggestions - we changed our LP a bit and added examples of apps that you can build 🙌

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