Startups September 22, 2020

Is startup with remote founders possible?

Oleg Galkin @OlegGalkin
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    people used to believe that everyone needed to be in the same room--especially the co-founders.

    during a pandemic??

    Anything is possible! heck, angel investors are investing without meeting founders in person.

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      Completely agree! And tools for remote working (and remote investing, I suppose) are already available. :-)

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    My cofounder and I started remote - after having worked together in person for some time. It's been great.

    We catch up twice a week, and occasionally meet for a full-weekend hackathon when we work on something specific, at the same time, and want to get it out the door quickly.

    If you started without knowing each other well beforehand, I can see how that might be tough. The hard part with remote working, I find, isn't the work, it's building relationships. If you have that behind you, you should be fine.

    Hope this helps,


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    Hell yes. It's not perfect, but yeah, can be done. I'm working from Buenos Aires and my business partner from Miami.
    The only issue that might complicate you is a big time difference. I have a developer in India and sometimes it is hard to have some conversations.

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