November 8, 2019

Is the analytics market over-saturated?

Buğra Gündüz @bgrgndzz

I see new analytics startups pop up every day, and it feels like there is no gap left to fill in the market. I do want to get into analytics, but is there anything left to do? Or is the analytics market a dead-end for indie hackers?

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    Do you have a unique insight?

    Have you spoke to any potential customers about the solutions they're using and problems they're having?

    Always room for more :)

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    I work in analytics, both in day job and side hustle. I believe it is not oversaturated.

    One "benefit" of this market is that every major solution seems to create new problems. If you're a Google or an Adobe or a Mixpanel, users inevitably have some sort of complication that needs solving but won't fit into your enterprise-oriented roadmap. There are plenty of openings (business needs) in that world. My day job definitely pays for additional tools to solve those relatively minor asks - and the amounts it pays would keep a solopreneur afloat.

    If you're creating another executive dashboard tool or another web analytics tool, I would argue that yes, the space is too crowded.

    But if you're solving for privacy laws (someone on here's doing that, right?) or data glue (vendors exist for this) or simplifying querying very large data sources (arguably Thoughtspot and Domo), then there's space for you. That's the tip of the iceberg. Personally, I focus on quality of life for unsophisticated users by chipping away at things on the periphery of Google and Adobe.

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    I think there is still a lot of room for domain specific analytics that give you actionable suggestions based on your data. A move beyond tools that just help you see trends and patterns.

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    I don't think the market is saturated, but I think it's important to find ways of delivering value - whether it be uncovering new solutions or insights.

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