Growth July 31, 2020

Is there a course to help with launching a SAAS and getting initial users?


I've spent the last year developing my MVP, which is an online writing tool to help people with anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, etc (

I have now finished the MVP V1and tested it thoroughly. I now want to start getting some users (please!!!!!!!).

I know there are all sorts of Youtube videos, articles, about marketing a SAAS, but my attention span is all over the place when I use those kind of resources. I just jump from idea to idea.

So, I was wondering, does anyone knows of a really thorough course to help get users to a new SAAS? Ideally something really step-by-step that I can work my way through diligently, and that will get me from 0 to 100+ users (free initial, but eventually I need to move a freemium model).

I am most interested in a really good in-depth course, but any ideas for worthwhile books, audiobooks, podcasts, etc is appreciated too.

Anything that can get me from 0 to 100!!!

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    Hi Pip,

    You have to think about where are your customers at, in other words "who's got your money?"

    On psychology forums, anxiety forums, they are typing on youtube search looking for videos, they are exchanging ideas on how to get better on meditation forums and such.

    These are just from the top of my head.
    Get back to the basics of how to acquire customers : where are the people you're making the product for hanging out at?

    Let me know if this was helpful


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    You need to post about it where your target audience is.

    I'm in a similar stage with and doing my best to get it in front of people who need / use products like it already.

    Sharing on IH / Twitter is a starting point, but as they aren't the target audience it's unlikely to get the first users, they're too broad.

    Make some Reddit / FB group posts and see how people respond.

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    All SAAS product and traction steps required for it can be different. So, for your product, you will have to do your own journey. I would be surprised if you find a step-by-step tutorial for success for your specific SAAS.

    One thing though, which you can find very useful for taking this journey is accelerators. and YC Startup schools are good ones if you are getting started. YC Startup school is completely virtual now. I have personally gone through both, and I have found them to be very helpful.

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    I may be able to help. I recently launched a course for software developers,

    It is not technical per se, it is valuable for anyone. I am a software developer myself who has struggled with building unsuccessful products. The course is about what I am doing differently at and what other founders are doing to scale their businesses.

    If you are available next week, let's find time to chat

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    I've been reading Traction but the book stresses and I want to make clear also that there is not and cannot be a step by step process that you can work through diligently. There are various channels and you can try to find one that's not too crowded.

    I mean imagine for instance one asked for a step by step process for dating that you can work through diligently - as unlikely as that would be the launch a SaaS process is even more unlikely.

    Uclusion is still struggling and you will be also - let's just keep in touch in case we find out something.

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      Good points and excellent recommendation. Big thanks for that. I've downloaded the ebook and the audiobook was on Scribd so I've been listening and reading and liking the information. Having 19 approaches to consider and the Bullseye concept all sounds good. I'll let you know what I think when I've finished it.

      I'm still keen on a course that shows me what to do in details (as many of those 19 as possible would be good), as that might help me to work my way through the 19 to see which works for Writing Therapy.

      Thanks for the help!