Is there a need? And, where should I begin the outreach? (note: this is a small side project)

Intrigued by the challenges I heard of few entrepreneurs/coaches on podcasts, I decided to do something about it.
So, a lot of companies (small, big or growing) need a good design or logo or branding, without spending too much money. Using agencies can get super expensive, and there are so many platforms you can begin the search, but that information is very one sided.
I have started a database of all artists from Instagram (remember, art is experienced best visually and so Instagram is the perfect platform) and am adding a lot more metrics around it to make it meaningful and useful data that can be used by them. Information such as price points, contact info, etc.
Question to help me with please:

  • Before I grow the list to hundreds of artists, do you think there is a market for this?
  • Besides reaching out to the entrepreneurs directly (clue: research from the podcast), where else can I spread the word on this type of product?

ps. If it all works out, and there is a need for it, the revenue model will be one time fee for access to the database and all the contact information in a clean, easy to follow and ready to sync to major communication tools format.

Thank you all!

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    Truth be told, to me, I don't see the value.

    Something like Fiverr or UpWork already facilitates this and provides me a mechanism for getting he work done too. I'll concede that the quality is necessary the same as full-blown 'artists', but I would need more than just a directory list.

    Sorry; hope that helps.

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      understood. I am now starting to see this as beyond just a list, so thank you for your honest feedback.

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    What we've done in the past is to host a contest on 99designs for $20-50. The options we got were pretty decent from these contests. We then proceed to select one of the design and improvise from there. I've felt it as a good value for the amount we spent and its generally an amount most startups can afford.

    The other option we've used before is to buy a design subscription at https://designpickle.com/ etc if we need constant design help. The turn around time is a pain but overall happy with these services.

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      Makes sense...thank you Ashok! I will check out the site you mentioned to better understand the market and the products already out there.

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    Collating a list of artists sounds good, though too much work if done manually.
    If you are putting it behind a payment wall, information which is not easily available will attract buyers, viz press email ids, restaurant owners' contact list, etc.

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    bumping this to see if anyone had any thoughts.

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      Thanks, Shree! Yeah, I think I am heading in a different direction with this. I love the "arts" and want to really create something innovative around it.

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