May 4, 2019

Is there a site or tool that shows which Software and SAAS a company is using

Robert Ivanov @robibobinet

Something like but for internal tools.

Examples would be:

X Ltd is using Trello, Mailchimp and Zapier
Y Ltd is using Google My Business and Github.

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    I believe Siftery is what you're looking for. Companies recommend tooling etc.

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      While they have the opposite approach than what I wanted, it's still good enough for my research.
      Thank you very much.

      Actually, I just found out you can view what company uses. For example:

      Thanks again.

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      Thank you for your reply. This seems to be similar to What I'm more interested is a list of tools that are not used for the website itself, but rather are used internally as part of their work flow.

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    Hacky and incomplete, but a few dig queries against a domain would expose any services that require DNS entries to be setup to use.

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      Thanks, that's clever.

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      How do you dig query?

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          Ohhh, didn't even think of web based options for doing that (bookmarked JIC). I just run dig from the command-line (Arch Linux #sadist-here)

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    Most of it is the tech stack but some companies the things you're looking for.

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      I looked at some tools that I regularly use, on stackshare - content is too thin to be of any use. Much of their "comparison" stuff is just a few words with no useful feature comparison etc.

      It is useful to quickly check what tools a company is using, which was the question anyway. Don't know how much of it is current or accurate.

      I'm surprised this site is doing well

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      Yeah, it is a step towards the right answer. Thanks.

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