April 14, 2019

Is there a tool for keeping bookmarks in sync across different browsers?


Hi everyone,

I have a product idea that I want to check doesn't already exist.

I like to change browsers quite a lot and I find the biggest point of friction to be bookmarks. I have an extensive bookmark collection, making it a hassle to be changing browsers frequently. The obvious solution that comes to mind is bookmark imports but there are a few problems with this. First being that it is not frictionless enough. Second, imported bookmarks are often placed into a separate folder that might be named "From Chrome" for example.

The idea is a work in progress, but I'm thinking of creating an extension that would keep bookmarks in sync across any browser in which it is used, with as little friction as possible. Does a product like this already exist?

Cheers in advance.

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    I don't know the product that can sync bookmarks across browser, but I just sa your post and just want to give my $2c

    I have a product idea that I want to check doesn't already exist.

    I think that this is the same fallacy that I had back then, creating something brand spanking new, but the chance of that happening is near zero. There are billions of people in this planet and it's really difficult to come up with a really brand new idea.

    FB isn't the first social media around, and Google isn't the first search engine. What they did was they execute better than others. Your idea doesn't really have to be novel, you just need to do something significantly better.

    Just my 2c

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    Have you come across Pinboard? It's been around a long while, does the job, even if I don't use it, haha. I think I got a lifetime account back in the day.

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      @rosiesherry It seems to have its own bookmark database rather than working with the browser's bookmarks. The ideal setup for me would be that I wouldn't have to deal with the extension after installing it. It would just detect when bookmarks are added/removed and update other browsers, all in the background.

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    Such products used to exist a few years back before Mozilla had it's on syncing or Google Chrome. But I haven't heard of one in recent times.

    There might be a demand. You need to find it yourself.

    Just adding my 2¢.

    The only bookmark related tool I use is SessionBuddy plugin for Google Chrome. It helps to save tab groups and open them later all at once, eliminating the need for a second browser.

    My two main browsers are Google Chrome and Brave. I occasionally use Safari and Firefox. But honestly, 99.99% of the time I am on Chrome. Google syncs the bookmarks on chrome transparently across all devices.

    These days, we consume information from a wide variety of sources. Mostly what we read come from our social media friends. Back then there weren't tools like Twitter or Facebook (sharing wasn't popular) so we relied heavily on bookmarks. These days, If I find something interesting that I want to read it later, I just save it on Pocket.

    Given that, you need to figure out if there's really a demand now? And, how would you monetize it if there is?

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    Before committing my time to this, I would ask if people use multiple browsers and which group of them are willing to pay you to keep their bookmarks synced. I might switch browsers every few years but by and large I use one browser on all my devices. People who demo software regularly or who do lots of usability testing might be a good group of users.

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    You should give @GuillaumeBardet 's Qlearly a try, he has the extension available for several browsers and it syncs across devices. He's got a great product going.

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      I liked Qlearly. Also liked the way he is using Magnify & Airtable to put ads on the bookmark board. Nice trick. :)

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      Thanks for sharing. Looks very neat and I can't wait till it supports safari!

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    There used to be a product called XMarks that did this, but it shut down a while ago. I used it before the browsers added support for bookmark sync.

    There are some alternatives, but I've never used them, just google xmarks alternative :)

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      Xmarks demise is the reason why I have hardly used Safari in years... I second it. The question is why a great, working product like that was discontinued. Maybe a great product but bad business? There are others like https://raindrop.io but something kept me from using that but I am not really sure why as I tried years ago...

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