April 14, 2020

Is there any marketplace for selling a SaaS app? ( No revenue )

Dragos Ivanov @ivandrag


Is there any marketplace where you can sell a SaaS app that doesn't have revenue or users?


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    This might be helpful. https://hackernoon.com/top-5-marketplaces-to-buy-and-sell-side-projects-4381e481ca9d

    I sold a project in the that past that had virtually no revenue, but did have a number of daily users. I did it by reaching out to bigger companies in our niche space that could benefit from the additional visitors they would get (and could upsell) by rebranding my app.

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    http://indiemakers.co/ is often recommended (use to be 1k Projects)

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      Thanks. Found it the article above. Maybe I will give it a try.