Is there something like Gumroad for courses

I know there are platforms like Podia, Kajabi, Thinkific, and Teachable..
Gumroad doesn't use your own payment processor. They use theirs and that's what I want.
Is there something that collects the money for you?
You can sell videos on Gumroad but it doesn't provide a good user experience.

Does this platform like this exist?

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      Thanks for the link. I don't know Uscreen and I'm wondering if it collects payments on my behalf. The other ones use Stripe and Paypal (which unfortunately are not supported in my country)

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      $19 per month plus 10% of sales. That's a lot!

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        It’s far too much for such a small platform. You can probably get every one of your students a REPL.it premium subscription instead and come out cheaper.

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      Yes! I heard Shaan Puri talk about this on the My First Million podcast. Looks great, but only for software development courses.

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    I found a solution to my problem.

    Again my problem was that Gumroad is not an LMS 5learning management system).
    I need one like Teachable. But I can't use Stripe or Paypal (Country support issue).

    So the solution is:

    We use Gumroad as a payment page...

    Sales page -> payment page using Gumroad -> Zapier (Under the hood) > the students gets enrolled in teachable automatically (with Email only) -> A page that says check your email to set your teachable password -> Go to login -> Done

    I did a test with a demo teachable school, and it works.

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    I think Udemy does this.

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      Yep, but it's a marketplace. I need something more like teachable but that handles the payments on my behalf.

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    With CourseMaker you can connect a paddle account (merchant of record) and they will then collect the money (and sort the sales taxes) for you.

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    Are you looking for something like UScreen?

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      Does Uscreen handle the payments on my behalf? I sent a question to the support. Have you used it?

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        I have not used it as an admin. I'm pretty sure your clients can make purchases from their native payment system and you don't need to plug in your own.

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    I would still go with gumroad. Depends on the type and style of your course.

    I sell through gumroad a course but its non linear. I link to my site.

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      What do you mean by linking to your site?

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      This doesn't seem to collect the payments for you. I can't use Stripe/Paypal so I need a tool that collects the money for me and transfers it once/month to my bank account.

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    You can use https://jooseph.com for that but we don't host your video, you need to give an unlisted youtube link or vimeo link.

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      Thanks but I'm looking for something that hosts the course

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    You can check www.spayee.com

    They also require the course creator to set up own payment gateways as a default thing, however you can ask them to setup their own gateway.

    In the pricing page, FAQ section:

    What happens if I cannot set up my own payment gateway?
    No issues, we will collect payment on your behalf and we will settle it up on a monthly basis. The settlement will be made after deducting payment gateway charges and taxes accordingly.

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      Do they work with people outside of India? and is it trust worthy?

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