Is there still room in the market for yet another website builder?

Is there still room in the market for yet another website builder?

If you think so; what should be it’s uniq offer?

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    You could consider going after a specific niche. I love this example.

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      Holy ****, that niche & success combo is epic. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Niche down.
    2. Figure out a niche that popular website builders don't support very well.
    3. Use Google Search volume (Google Trends) to validate that people are already searching for a website builder for that niche.
    4. Take a look at websites in that niche, figure out at least one key feature they have you can't get with the popular site builders.
    5. Nab a few of those browsers with search intent and pick their brain, figure out why they're not buying the leading solution.
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    I don't think you should be asking "Is there still room in the market for yet another website builder?" but in what way could I beat existing competition in a crowded space. You can do that buy targeting an underserved part of the market (aka find a niche) or buy finding some kryptonite that the existing product or service has.

    I think the reality is that if you don't target an underserved part of the market, it'll be really hard to get traction against major players like Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Ghost, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

    It can be done but I think it would require a lot of funding to beat the existing competition.

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    Is there still room for yet another survey builder?

    If you think so; what should be it’s uniq offer?

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    If you have a good niche and a unique way of acquiring customers, then sure.

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    There are 100s, probably 1000s of website builders.

    We built one https://versoly.com/ because I think all website builders are broken. They all abstract away from HTML and you're left with having to everything in the UI.

    Somethings are better done with HTML.

    We have worked on Versoly for 2 years now and just seeing the levels of traction I would like. It has been long and slow.

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      Great! I would love to hear your (products-) story. Is it written somewhere?

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        Also do you have any idea for a niche/uniq offer?

        Cool ones I have seen are for Notion, Airtable and Shopify.

        By building on existing platforms you get a huge customer base.

        I also think something like https://www.buildwithrebase.com/ might do well. But hard to execute.

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          For sure interesting! But indeed very hard concept to build for a solo-indiehacker because the MVP that you need to build for a product like that takes at least 6 months work. That’s too big of a risk for most solopreneurs.

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        https://versoly.com/our-story, would love your feedback on it, it is still a work in progress

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          Thanks! Interesting read! As a suggestion: maybe add some sort of timeline to give readers an idea how mature the product is? Like, did it launch last week as a test or is it growing steadily for a while?
          I guess potential customers would like to predict if the product still exists in a year before going all-in.

          By the way: how did you come up with the name “Versoly”? Does it mean something?

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            Verso - "a left-hand page" or "the reverse of something such as a coin or painting."

            and then just added the classic "ly"

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    I think so - there is always room for niches that have specific features to that niche. The problem is that it's difficult to identify these niches and get traction.

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