Content Marketing February 1, 2021

Is this a good plan.. Has anybody tried it? Do content marketing on Medium instead of own blog. Idea being, will rank faster.


So, the title pretty much covers the core idea.

I looked at a lot of posts about "Medium Vs Own Blog" here. Basic summary is: "have your own blog so that you have full control"

Now, on the side of what's good about Medium: Thanks to the fact that it has high domain authority etc, hopefully an article targeting a low competition long tail keyword... should start to rank pretty fast. (Or not. Anybody tried this formula out?)

Note about "low competition": Basically any keyword where Google is showing forums etc as the top search results and the articles are not fully relevant to the "keyword".

Now, once it starts to rank and Google decides to try it out in the SERPS..and if the article is good and solves the searchers query...maybe it gets decent Google traffic since Google will see few bounces etc.

Then, if all of that works out: in the article I promote the SAAS product I am going to build.

What do you guys think of this plan?

The only reason why I don't want to do this on a brand new blog / website is becuase Google will take ages to give the domain some credibility.

What are your thoughts on all this? Anybody tried this out? What were your results?

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    It doesn't hurt to do both does it? Get some stuff on Medium in the short-term while you begin to create your own blog and can use the medium article as an authoritative backlink to your blog?

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    Medium was always used as a content marketing hub by founders.
    sample is the founder of Jotforms.

    I've rank plenty of low search keywords on google with just the power of medium domain.

    The problem for me was always control and analytics. I don't like the medium layout on mobile. and the way the links show on google. If your target customers is already on medium then maybe it's a good idea.

    There's always a tradeoff, it's up to you.

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    Interesting idea. I want to know too:-)

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      Cool. Will share the results once I try it out. Wanted to post this as a sanity check. To see if my hypothesis is unreasonable in any way.

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