Landing Page Feedback August 8, 2020

Is this landing page too difficult for non techies?

Breffni Potter @Breffni
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    Hey @Breffni this is my video feedback for your page - I don't think the page is difficult, but I think it's a bit too repetitive and long, anyway here's the video

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      Thank you very much for spending the time working on this, way beyond expectations.

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        Always happy to help!

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    I'm a very technical person (SWE for 5+ years), and I still didn't understand how your product will "reduces alerts to the helpdesk by over 82%." I also struggled to understand your offering within 15-20 seconds of scrolling through your landing page.

    Could you explain the 82% and how you plan to deliver that? Seems like a bold claim but I don't see how I will get that result.

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      The home page has changed a fair bit, if you'd be so kind as to take a second look as it might make it clearer?

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      Hi Shiv,

      I thought this was covered by the first paragraph directly below the header, how would you combine the explanation and the header?

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    I have just a small suggestion, change the font on some sections and get some variety. Not sure if this is placeholder or not but thought I'd say something.

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      Could you explain why?

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    Is your audience non-techy? :)

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      Yes and no :) - Because there are decision-makers who are non-techie too.

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    The look of the page is really nice.

    "EveryMon reduces alerts to the helpdesk by over 82%, saving time for busy IT Pros."
    This is a factual statement but without a call to action. Reduce your helpdesk alerts. Something along those lines might be better.

    Take with a grain of salt as I'm struggling with this too.

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      The home page has changed a fair bit, if you'd be so kind as to take a second look as it might make it clearer?

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        You mean the "How EveryMon works" section?

        If yes, I think the content helps. My eye kind of skipped over the "How EveryMon works" header though. Maybe the blue on blue? Cloud just be me

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    I have a suggestion to replace the monospace font with something else. Like Open Sans.

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      Ignoring the fact that pretty much everyone uses Open Sans or one of the other top five fonts, could you tell me why you'd suggest a font change?

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    you cant adress two completely different groups within one page without some side benefiting more than the other. Focus on the techie side but to make it more inclusive feel free to avoid abbreviations and this coding font. I recommend for inspiration. Cheers, Jorim

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      btw I am the type of person which you would call "non techie" and i dont understand your product or service. Your website requires me to know what helpdesk is and I dont know anything about that so you lost me literally within the first 3 words rip.

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        Hi Jorsoi,

        Thanks for the comments.

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