Ideas and Validation July 5, 2020

Is this side-project a lucky shot?

Wouter Dijkstra @woutertoday

Been working really hard on a specific project lately and wanted my mind to relax for a bit.

What better to do then setting up something new!

Heavily inspired by @marckohlbrugge's highscore[dot]money I gave myself a few hours and created — Just like the page says, no luck involved of any sort and less than perfect for sure, but I feel positively about what it became in this short period of time.

Ps: Let me know if you mind, Marc.

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    Thanks for the mention. Fun idea. I gave it a shot myself ;)

    1. 2

      Thanks! That's nice 🎯🎉

    1. 1

      Yes! I think they got a bigger audience and more viral nature though.

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    Update: Seems to get a 15% conversion => 15 out of a 100 people click through to someone who has taken a shot. Was an estimate before, but early goal tracking stats from Fathom seem to confirm.

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      Up to 35% conversion!

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    Just took a look but couldn't figure out how it works... ?

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      Hi Markus, thanks for checking (and reaching) out! The basic principle is that you and/or a company can "take a shot" -- Click or tap anywhere, and have your/their name and paid amount shown. Highest payment has a bigger mention on the page. As to what value it holds: No clue, that's up to you to interpret ;)

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        Haha, gotcha. Fun idea. Thanks for replying.

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          Happy to clarify! Thanks again.

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