Landing Page Feedback April 3, 2020

Is this sufficient for a landing page ?


Hi IndieHackers,

I'm at an early stage of my project but I already made my landing page to start testing the market. As this is early stage, I don't have much content (screenshots, etc.) but what do you think about the message and existing content of my landing page ? Is the message clear? What needs improvement?

Here is the page :

Thank you very much for your feedbacks 🙌

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    Hey @konradholubek great work


    • The message is well crafted
    • I'd expect to see more demo / screenshots of the product

    I'm also redesigning my site, would love to hear your quick feedback too :)

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      Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback. Happy to hear my message is (fiiiiinaly) well crafted :)

      More demo : I agree. As I'm at an early stage, it is all I have for the moment. I'll add as soon as I can.

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    Hey. Desktop version of your website looks very good (nice and clean).

    I only found a problem with mobile: padding after image (before "Set up the right ..." section) is so small, that almost overlap with the following title.

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      Thank you for your feedback @rawerse_alpha. Further to different comments I pushed a new version of my landing page.

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    Hey Konrad, the page looks clean and well designed. However, the features that are highlighted don't give me a feeling that I would need this. Setting up 1:1 meetings seems rather basic. Having an overview on how many meetings were held in a specific month also doesn't seem like a very insightful measure. So, in summary I am missing your value proposition. Additionally, I am missing information on pricing before I hand over my credentials.

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      Thank you for your feedback @Halfcat. Makes sense. I was just a little bit afraid more complexe example would be less understood. But I will think about what can be a good, more complexe example and will change it.

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        Hey Konrad, Don't get me wrong. It doesn't need to be a more complex example but something that gives me the impression that it would actually add value to the way I handle my team right now. Best of luck ;)

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          I remade the page and tried to focus more on the unique value proposition. Would love to know what you think now.

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            Looking good! Good luck ;)

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