May 8, 2019

Is your project for sale?


I’m a full time programmer and part time investor looking to purchase a profitable project for around $30,000. Would anyone like to discuss further?

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    I assume you know about them already and are just casting a wide net to find better deals, but just in case, the normal places for this sort of thing are (premium, curated) and (a bit hit and miss) and (super tiny projects for cheap)

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      I'd add to the mix. They are more in the FE International bucket of curated premium businesses for sale. But I'd be more comfortable buying there than at flippa.

      There's one other brokerage I can't remember, but while trying to find it I came across:


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      When browsing through these three sites almost none of the products are as good as what’s on Indie Hackers.. lots of e-commerce (drop shippers etc) and marketing solutions on all three of those and really nothing innovative or different.

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        Agreed. It's 95-99% garbage. But one can occasionally find gold within the mudpile.

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    $10,000 Worth of AWS credits.

    I need to sell my $10,000 Worth of AWS Credits which I won in a partner program. But I have no idea how to turn this into a real monetary value.

    If anyone is interested or has someone, small business, or people dealing with cloud server or hosting who might be interested, please let me know.

    I am ready to sell the credits at a discount rate than Amazon will ever sell this.

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    Hey mate, I have a exciting project with unique business idea for your location, and accordingly your budget is also sufficient for it , lets discuss further, please let me know how can i get you to have some discussion ?

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    I have a side project with 12k+ users that needs some monetization, it currently only generates enough to cover hosting costs but could be worth a lot more with the right combination of product dev and marketing:

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