"It's like Notion & Typeform made a baby"

Hi Notion lovers!

We recently launched Tally, a new type of form builder. We wanted to make form building easy, beautiful, and free without limits. We’re big fans of Notion’s editor approach and wanted to create a fast, seamless, and fun form building experience where you start from a blank page and can create any type of form by just typing text or adding blocks.

Some early users have said, "it's like Notion & Typeform made a baby", so we would love to hear your thoughts on it!


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    A great landing page. You really have spent time on finding the best layout and connect with the right words.Super easy to connect with your product. 👏
    Nice with inclusion of templates also. The feel of "it's like Notion & Typeform made a baby" is definitely there.☺️
    I'm sure that I will use it for some operations in the near future.

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      Thank you so much! Means a lot!

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    Love your landing page! It's crystal clear, simple and I can easily identify with the use cases on your landing page. I like the fact that we can test and browse templates without having to create an account. Well done

    PS: the title "It's like Notion & Typeform made a baby" really caught my attention on this thread hahah

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      Thank you so much for the nice words!

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    Awesome! Beautiful layout. Thinking of ways we can use it for our hackathons and virtual events.

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      Thanks a lot @Meirlsdiego 🙏🏼 Let me know if you need any help!

      1. 2

        Thank you! I think we can also share with our participants when they build their MVPs for the hackathons.

        1. 1

          I also added it to my hackathon tool list :)

        2. 1

          That would definitely work! You can use Tally as a simple landing page builder as well to quickly validate an idea!

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    Really, really beautiful. As a Typeform Agency Partner and a Notion User, I think you guys nailed the look and feel. I am really curious how/why you built out the site in Ghost if you wouldn't mind sharing! And how have reports/exports been for you? A visual reporting summary would be a really nice touch if it's not there already. Really excited for you, this looks amazing!

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      Hi Tanya, thanks a lot! We only use Ghost for our blog/help center. It has an accessible CMS and we needed something affordable that would get us up and running fast. The search and sections are included in the template, so it didn't really require a lot of custom coding on our site to set it up.

      It is possible to export your form results in PDF/CSV or sync to Google Sheets for example and we offer a summary in the Tally dashboard as well. We have some reporting improvements on our roadmap as well for the coming months.

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    I am so happy Google brought me here. Thank you for making this! I love the UI it's so clean and nice! I'll definitely try this out!

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      Thank you so much Jerry! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions when trying it out!

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    Perfect!! Thank you.

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    We need to connect. I run a no-code program in Africa. We could potentially partner with Tally for some of our use cases. How can I reach you?

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    Amamzing product! I'm looking to make a few surveys over the next couple of weeks and I will definitely use your service.

    I was just creating an account until I was in front of a 4 field form...

    I still created it, but some people might just drop out at that stage, something to keep in mind ;)

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      Hi @boristane, thanks for the suggestion! You can make a form without creating an account, but we will make sure there's less friction in creating an account!

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        Yes I noticed that; which is awsome! Actually something I'm thinking of building into my product landing page.

        In this instance, I just wanted to create an account as I don't have the need to create a form "right now". I knew I'd get an email from you and next time I could find your product easily.

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