Ideas and Validation January 17, 2020

It took anatomically modern humans over 190 000 years to invent the wheel.

Marcos Pereira @marcospgp

A Twitter thread on undervaluing your thoughts.
This is a thought I've been looping over intermittently for a long time and decided it would be a good idea to put into writing. It was definitely inspired by the time I spend browsing y'all's thoughts, so I really wanted to share it with this community.

It took anatomically modern humans over 190 000 years to invent the wheel.

What are the odds that the idea I have right now is the one thing that's going to be worth doing?

There are so many people alive that the odds are if something hasn't been done it's either worthless or impossible.

But what are also the odds I would have this idea right now? It might seem obvious in the moment, but I lived many years without ever thinking about it. Everyone else is living in those years.

There are infinite ideas to be had, and ideas can only seem obvious once you've had them.

Not that many people have had the same idea you are having and most likely no one has tried it before. Simply because there are many other things to try.

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I would love to hear if you have any thoughts, feedback, or even an alternate take on the idea. I think I'm only grasping at the foot of a statue of truth here. Cheers!

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    Hi Marcos,

    Great thought. I love thinking about things like this.

    I suppose times change so ideas only fit their time. As times change more ideas that no one could have possibly thought of then become available. There was no point in inventing the computer mouse before computers, Stripe before the Internet - I guess the same for the wheel. Change opens up an infinite amount of ideas. Shame I can only think of the crappy ones!

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    Indiehackers are not about world changing startups.

    Another way to see things

    Employment based work force is really know for human society

    Office workers are even newer yet

    It used to be the default that every person or family was a business.

    Beeing an employee is getting a handout

    Many people beg for a job

    It's a super weak form of being

    Doing something on your own doesn't need to be revolutionary

    You just need to provide some service that creates enough monotizable value to make a better life for yourself

    And it doesn't have to be one thing

    It could be split across multiple things

    People in remote areas could also be running 5 businesses

    Besides having a network of business sounds better and is more resilient

    And bases the fact that you can just make another one even if you lose it all, your super resilient