It would really help if we could get Feedback on Zubbit website revamp 🙂

What started off as a simple one-page uplift of our front-end home page and message, has ended up with us completely redesigning the whole front-end website from scratch!

But after weeks of blood, sweat & tears, and many late nights, we are now live, so it's out with the old blue boring site and in with a brand new fresh look and feel which includes over 80 new pages and posts, and of course our brand new fresh message based on great feedback from Aaron Krall, Reuben Swartz & Peter Loving over at SaaS Visionaries.

This is the 2nd interaction of changes and we'd love to get some feedback. Does the website make sense? Can you understand what the product does and the value it brings?

All feedback is welcome!


Have we got the website right?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Not bad been needs more work
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    As it has been stated it's not clear who this product is aimed at.

    The whole point of a Landing Page is to bring traffic to it and try to convert visitors into trial or paid users.

    It seems like a great product that can add a branded "twist" to links, CTAs and so on. So try to address different types of visitors.

    I would address 4 types of visitors:

    1. The one that has the problem, but doesn't know they have it.

    2. The one that knows they have the problem, but is not looking for a solution.

    3. The one that knows they have the problem and is looking for a solution.

    4. The one that knows they have the problem, and is using a particular solution or a set of solutions.

    I don't know whether #4 applies to you as your product seems quite innovative. At least I never heard of something similar.

    In this case, the more you focus on those 4 types of visitors - the better! They probably never heard of such product and have doubts why they would use it, how they would use it and what results they could achieve.

    Best of luck with your venture - you're on the right track!

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    Adding on above other comments, you definitely won’t be the first link management system.

    Consider having a section that compares what you do better than others. This helps qualifies your prospects too. I imagine a comparison chart will help.

    The design on Mobile looks weird above the fold. The hero image and headline is squeezed up and can’t be seen.

    1. 2

      Cheers Shaun, getting it looking good on mobile is the next job. We just wanted to check out folk thought of the content first. I think we probably will put a comparison chart on. We had one on the old site but its not come over to the new site yet. As you say there are a few Link Management systems out there so its worth highlighting where I think we are much stronger and a comparison chart would help. Thanks for taking the time to look.

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    There's a big question unanswered - who is this product for?

    1. 1

      +1 to this suggestion :)

    2. 1

      Cheers for the feedback. Going to be adding a "who is it for" section with ideas to the front page tomorrow. I think we came to the same conclusion as you also.

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    For me it's hard to tell how Zubbit helps. I can read all the description in the page but I keep asking myself "Yes, but how? What does that look like?"

    A before / after on a real page (by real I mean not using an illustration) would be nice.

    1. 1

      Yeah we did have a lot of live examples off the front page but one of the feedbacks was "too much information!". Can I ask if you drilled into any of the "Read Me" pages etc. There are a lot of live examples on the site, just not on the front page. Just pondering how easier is to find or is it not clear and inviting to get the clicks on the "read me" buttons.

      1. 2

        Yeah I can see how that could be too much info.
        This could be subjective, but when I see I landing page I want to know what's what is being advertised, and an image is worth a thousand words as they say.

        Take this for instance: https://linear.app/ You can read the tagline and then the UI is a scroll away.

        Yes, I clicked on one of the Read me pages and I can see why it looks saturated. For instance in the "Audio adverts" example you left the "billboard" page intact, and the Zubbit ad gets lost .

        Here's an example of what I'm talking about: Using a less saturated page (https://minimalissimo.com/ in this case) I put a purple "shade" (don't know the exact design term) to de-emphasize it (we don't care about the Minimalissimo page) and a box with "Your Campaign Here" (oops typo) to show what would that look like.


        That gives the user exactly a picture of what are they getting by your service right there in the landing page.

        1. 2

          Yeh I think you are right Oscar. I wanted to show zubbit in action on live pages but I think the Billboard website above the fold is too overpowering. If you scroll down a bit its perfect but a lot of imagery and colour above the fold is not helping is. Will change them. Cheers

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    ❌ I think the H1 header is a little bit convoluted - why not use something more catchy and direct? Something like "We get your customers by giving your URLs superpowers"

    ❌ Your call to action could be improved - for example you could say - "Get lead generating links free"

    ❌ The animation image on the right hand side of your above the fold section doesn't really explain in 2 seconds what you do.

    ✅ You should show what a non-branded link looks like and what your platform does - think of like a before and after situation, 2 screenshot with an arrow between the two - i like this style here

    ✅I would also add some sort of testimonials section and maybe a video embedded that shows the various features of the platform that people can click before being hit with a call to action to sign up to try your platform.

    ❌I didn't really get too much value from the "stay in the loop" and the "Why choose us to help with your link content marketing?" section. These feel a bit too pushy - i.e. great customer support is a given and so is having amazing features. Everyone wants amazing features and great customer support.

    ✅ Meanwhile the stay in the loop section I would just call it "blog" :)

    1. 1

      Thanks so much for taking the time to look. Some of these suggestions winging there way onto the website right now.

  6. 2

    Hi, overall it's nice. Just a couple of small changes I would do:

    • I find it very difficult to read the text in the hero animation.
    • Also, the white text on yellow buttons is a bit hard to read for me.
    • The illustration in "Zubbit helps you increase..." section seems a bit off, it doesn't match the other icons/illustrations and the different style arrows are a bit weird too.
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