Ideas and Validation March 31, 2020

It's like the wild west again!

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

I keep getting invites to things that used to happen face to face.

My son's Forest School teacher tried to do a Zoom class. He's a shy kid, hated the concept and refused to attend.

A local person then offered to put on 'story time' via Facebook live. I tried getting my 5 year old girl involved. She hated it, so did I. The audio was terrible. There was no personal connection. We couldn't see the pages of the book (which she was trying to show us, but was sitting too far away).

I say this, because it feels like the wild west. I don't say it to have a dig at these people who are trying to figure stuff out. They are people who are not familiar with tech and they feel forced into the digital world.

The content is shitty. No worse than indie hacker's mediocre MVPs that go out. Or our first blog posts that have gone out. Or our own attempts at making videos.

There's a lot of figuring out to do and I think it's kind of exciting to see this happening.

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    it's a new renaissance! folks are learning that there are crazy-awesome opportunities to do the same things they were doing offline!

    it's wonderful to see the shit fly!

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      There's probably a book or content to be written on "quality of work is inversely correlated to uncertainty". High uncertainty results in lower quality because people are trying to adapt really quickly.

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        learn by doing... is what a lot of folks are ... doing... right now.

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    I feel there are massive opportunities for VR and the physical connectivity they provide. To see another person move and interact in a 3d virtual environment. I'm extroverted and am missing social interaction so much. Talking online and facetiming aren't enough.

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    Yes, I agree! We’ve started doing FaceTime play dates for our 3-year old. It’s kind of weird and he sort of likes it - it’s definitely making me wonder how the way we interact, and what’s possible online for all ages, is going to change.

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