It's Wednesday, share your project!

I want to see what everyone is up to. Share a link and give me a short description of what you're building.

Happy to give feedback and sign up for any cool newsletters/products

Edit - I forgot to share my new blog/newsletter

https://imcasey.substack.com/ - just going to be writing about myself developing stuff and general stuff about the world, games, and entrepreneurship.

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    Here is mine: 400+ places to post your product https://spreadtheworld.net

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      Do you provide some automatic posting process?

      1. 1

        That will be the next feature yes, working on it right now. Send me a DM if you're interested

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    A widget to collect user feedback in simplest way ☺️

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    ruttl is a collaboration tool to collect visual feedback, collaborate, and manage ideas on live websites. It is specially built for people in the design industry!

    You can click this link to actually use the tool.

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      Hi Harsh, that's such a great looking website. Almost made me sign up as well, even though I'm the sole dev...

      Your product would also perfectly fit into the community (synergy4saas.com) I'm currently building. In case you're looking to drum up marketing with the help of other founders, it might be interesting for you to check out?

    2. 1

      This looks really cool & I think this can really help my web team.. Brilliant one!

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    Create Form Bots that People Enjoy Answering.

    🔥 I launched it on ProductHunt today! 😻

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      Awesome site and congrats on launching on PH!

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    Qmux is like Buffer, but for communities. It allows you to put your community on autopilot and keep providing fresh and recurring content. https://qmux.io

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      Cool, buffer is awesome - excited to see where Qmux goes.

      How do I say it? Q-Mux? Kee - mux?

      1. 1

        Thank you! Q-Mux. Short for queue multiplexer

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    Happy Medium

    Hey Casey! Looking forward to following your blog.

    Happy Medium is the home for casual artists and the art curious. We're starting with a curated collection of cool art stuff on the web along with some original content. More to come later!

    1. 1

      Hey I appreciate that!

      Happy Medium seems like a great idea - looking forward to more!

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    Available domains for inspiration or new projects 🚀

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      So awesome - I follow this on twitter!

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    https://www.mockrocket.io - Cinematic 3D app mockup videos in your browser

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    Read the news using text to speech and more: https://dailynewsound.com

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    TricepMail.com is a modern approach to email. One simple app to manage catch-all email for your domains.

    You start off with your own subdomain (e.g., mine is loh.tricepmail.com), and you can add your own domains. Set up mailboxes in advance in the app, or create them by simply providing any mailbox at your domain(s) to anyone who needs your email address. We'll catch all incoming mail and put it in the right place, depending on your configuration.

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    What a timing - we released Christmas 3D icons as an update to our library of 3D icons -> http://iconz.design/

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      Whoah, do you do custom icons/items? Love your style and I need something done...

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    I have 2 projects going currently

    I am building TechConf-db A concise list of tech conferences, venues and speakers in South Africa.

    Today I started a newsletter for my ionic-vue templates and other ionic-vue resources.

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    Hey Casey! I'm building an Indie Hackers iOS client if you wanna give it a spin 🙂

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      Cool! I will check it out

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    Haha good timing, I also launched a newsletter :)

    I share javascript / tech / web development links.

    The first edition went out earlier today:

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    Doing some marketing work on https://pageproofer.com today. It's a tool for designers and developers to leave and manage feedback, directly on websites.

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    Screpto, a platform and extension that make building complex web scrapers simple allowing you to consume data via API / spreadsheets.

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    Conquer a new language in days

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    I'm working on Portabella recently.

    It's really coming along:

    • got a few big clients interested in trying it out
    • I recently ripped out all the logic in my frontend to an SDK, so we can support end-to-end encrypted integrations
    • New features like Documents and Subtasks just landed
    • Numbers of new user sign ups are crazy and organic

    So excited I started this project back in March

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    Better once alive than left on your hard drive.
    Dump your ideas and failed projects.

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    A full course as a mini website (no more long books or long videos) on rapid prototyping and user testing for indie makers.

    Or in simple words "a guide on how to get feedback from users in hours, not weeks, and make user testing part of your weekly routine"


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    I am building a trading journal http://antsignals.com/ to help traders find there strengths and weakness and get better at trading.

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    https://noorahq.com - collect feedback and insights from your users. Both through feature request boards, but also through a browser extension so you can gather insights from emails, support tickets and more to build your product roadmap. We also offer an embeddable changelog.

    Shipping new value to our users all the time - for example this week, you can now send in company and MRR data and see which features impact the most revenue, and not necessarily just the most popular...

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      Hi Glenn, neat looking landing page! Keeping people in the loop about feedback they submitted is a great idea as well.

      I noticed you also started to blog a bit, would you be open to others contributing to your blog? I'm building a community of SaaS marketers and founders (synergy4saas.com) that help each other grow through marketing collaborations. :)

      Take care!

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    Doqqit - Tutorials of today.
    A place to
    Request / Learn / Fork / Create / Publish

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    My side project, Axomark, is an online bookmark system that allows users to create and share bookmarks without signing up. While I plan to monetize it in the future, the core function will always remain free. Hope someone finds it useful!

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    Hiretheverified(https://www.hiretheverified.com/) helps business to directly connect with the pre-vetted freelancers.

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    https://queryboost.com - an api for your business processes
    there is a free plan if anyone wants to play around with it.

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    Wishpy - Android and iOS Wishlist app Add your wishes and sign up with a phone to see what your friends (using the app) wish for.

    iOS coming very soon.

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    Hi! I'm creating a tool for creating job descriptions jobdes.io
    Check it out!

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    Virtual Mojito - Discover virtual events, tools & latest trends

    Now you can get over 150 Zoom alternatives in one place!

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    AI-based English pronunciation scoring app so that you don't have to spend money on tutors.

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    https://gradbee.com is a platform where you can connect with student freelancers across the globe. Please provide any feedback about the design and product..

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    Hey Casey!!

    Here is my project.

    I build Tailwind Css templates easy to use.

    This is the actual.

    And I M about to deploy a whole new thing.

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      So sick! Love the new site

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    Discover & promote indie hacker projects in fifty characters or less

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    Just launched my new newsletter ARK Watcher: https://join.arkwatcher.com. Its a list of stocks ARK Invest bought or sold delivered every weekday.

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    Hey Casey! Looking forward to your blog posts.

    My project is about creating awesome lists, being able to build a community & monetize: https://curatorlist.com/

    1. 2

      Very cool, signed up for the waiting list! Do you have a work in progress demo to check out?

      1. 1

        Giovanni, Thanks for signing up! I expect to send out a demo very soon :)

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    Hi Casey, I've been working on https://newsletterss.com. A newsletter client aiming to de-clutter your inbox and be the default tool for getting up to date with topics that interest you, breaking news, handling your offers and promotions or everything at once.

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    Building a app, similar to Uber which allows you to find tradespeople within your area. Currently working on getting investors and people to join my amazing company.


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    An all-in-one design tool directory for UX/UI/graphic designers to find the set of tools and resources that best meet your unique needs and budget.

    Looking forward to hearing feedback from all IH here!

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    Thanks for kicking this off, Casey!

    We're building Circles for Zoom - it's a new way to experience Zoom meetings that turns each participant into a circle on your screen to get Zoom out of your way so you can take notes, multi-task, and get your desktop back.

    We're listening closely to user feedback so looking forward to any reactions, suggestions, and criticism anyone is willing to share!

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    Creating a class teaching folks to write their own patents

    Running a 50% off promotion using code BLACKFRIDAY sale atm!


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    Publishing Scrappy MarTech Newsletter. The best of no-code marketing tools, growth marketing tips, and clever "how-to" for marketing tech.

    Thanks for asking!

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    Create an awesome feedback widget to gather feedback from anyone!

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    I am building a self-hosted analytics app with heatmaps and session recordings and other cool features: usertrack.net

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      I really like the heatmap concept. Just check prices on your pricing page something seems broken there.

      1. 1


        What exactly is broken? Can you take a screenshot?

        1. 2

          I have no idea how to upload an image in the comments. I hope this works..

          1. 1

            Thanks a lot! I fixed it, it was an issue with the localized pricings that contained more characters for the currency (eg. USD instead of €)

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    Building a newsletter chronicling the successes (more failures) to try and "unfuck" selling software. My first startup got to 500k in ARR before failing because we (I) sucked at sales so now we're building a software company to sell software into companies.

    Its called "Closed/Lost" and you can check it out at https://closedlost.backdrop.io/p/introducing-closedlost


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    Hi! We're building an app that allows you create event pages with built-in reminders:


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      Dope dope dope! Love your site and the design is beautiful and modern. Great use of emojis and memojis

      One thing I noted is it took me about 5 seconds to load your images.

      Here's my speedtest:

      1. 1

        Yep, that's true. We will transfer the images to the CDN and the problem will be solved. Thank you for your feedback!

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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