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I've analyzed 160 SaaS to find the best Onboarding flows

Onboarding new customers is challenging.

The bounce rate is your biggest enemy and makes you lose a ton of cash.
We had this problem

So I analyzed the onboarding process of 160 SAAS to unveil the best practices, here is what I've learned:

Onboarding process suggested structure

1. Your onboarding is made for one thing: demonstrate ASAP the value of your product to your target

It's not about showing all the features at once
It's about showing THE feature that REALLY matters to them
What they came for

2. Keep it simple - Remove frictions at all cost

  • Be minimalist
  • Use Multiple Choice Questions / Boxes to select when possible
  • Don't overcharge the screen
  • Do more steps, with fewer questions on each step

3. Stay Attractive

  • Use Visuals
  • Gifs / Videos
  • Progress of the Sign up process (Step X/3), Loading Wheel

4. Know your customers

  • Learn about their Company (Size / Sector / Funding Stage)
  • Learn about them (Department / Role / Years of Experience)
  • Where did they hear about you? (Attribution)

5. Identify the reason why they're using your app

  • Helps you to adjust the positioning of your landing page
  • The GOAL + Details collected on your customers will help to define better your user stories + build dedicated LP (and improve conv. rates)

6. Gamification

  • Give free perks (free days of trial) if some tasks are achieved
  • Provide interactive tutorials if your app needs some training

7. Show your emotions

Once you asked their name, repeat it later on in the onboarding process
Show your customer that you understand their pain to go through the onboarding process

8. Help them to see ASAP the value of your product
If necessary, create a dedicated "in-depth setup process" that they can do later
If an implementation is needed, guide them through it

I gathered all these insights thanks to @Pageflows (https://pageflows.com/). They recorded all the pages of the main SaaS. I didn't have to register on all the SaaS to get all these insights.

This post was originally posted on my twitter (https://twitter.com/ThisIsFranzou/status/1357762556149063683)

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    Thanks for the writeup!

    Try for free with no credit card is a big one for me when I'm signing up to something.

    If I don't know what I'm getting into there is very little chance that I will go through with singing up.

    One thing I don't like so much is the overuse my name—it feels like they are trying to sell to be a bit too much with psychological tricks. It leaves a bad taste for me.

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