I've built a link shortener for ClubHouse and it got featured on TechCrunch 🤯️

I still can't wrap my head around this! I've built a link shortener with @jens_marketing and it got featured on TechCrunch 🤯️

I've seen people being excited about the improved social sharing images of Clublink.to. But it didn’t just get featured in a small blog, it’s on TechCrunch! My mind is blown away! 🤯️ Traffic was flooding in:

How did it happen?

In preparation of our launch, Jens did reach out to potential hunters for ProductHunt. Of course, he introduced the product. One hunter made the connection to TechCrunch and a few hours later, Jens was on the phone 📱️

I tried to keep it cool and expected nothing; but just before I was about to go to sleep I saw the traffic spiking by up to 7-10x the regular level. This went on for hours 🔥️. Even now there are still visitors coming. Crazy!

Check out our ProductHunt launch to see how the ride continues! We will post regular updates!

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