I've got Covid-19. So I'm challenging myself to build an app in 15 days in complete isolation. Here's my story

Hi Everyone,

The test results are in.

As of this morning - I've got Covid-19.

And now I'm in complete isolation.

I'm incredibly grateful that my symptoms are not so bad, so I'm trying to keep spirits high by taking on a new challenge - to build an app in 15 days.

My idea: "Create a tool that helps other Indie Hackers find original, inspiring, ready-to-go social media content - tailor made to their niche".

For $50 a month, you get 40 new bite-sized post ideas researched, designed, branded and ready to go on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

To achieve this at scale we use a human + GPT-3.

It's delivered in weekly batches straight to your inbox.

Here's the design I've come up with so far:


If you would like to watch my progress, I'm on Makerlog and Twitter @sherancorera

If you would like to work with me to help promote it, drop me a DM.

I would love to hear your thoughts and for you to join my journey in some way.

Let's do this.

Wish me luck!

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    Hey Sheran- love the ambition, but do make sure to take care of yourself as well. Sounds like a great project to keep your spirits up, and I hope you can also get some decent rest while you're working on it.

    How are you planning to use GPT-3?

    Love the look of your design, and very curious to check out the live product.

    1. 1

      Hi Enda, thank you for the positivity!

      I'm planning on using GPT-3 for finding similar suggestions on a given topic, and curating knowledge using it's DaVinci engine. Each post is then manually reviewed, voted, and filtered - the best of the best go to the end customer.

      Doing it this way makes it significantly more efficient than manually running everything ourselves, so we can pass the cost savings to the customer!

      Also, I'm really happy that you liked the design. Started on it this morning. Please follow my handle on Twitter / Makerlog and I'll make sure to let you know once the final product is ready

  2. 1

    Will all these posts be about an inspiring quote or should we expect to get something specific for the particular audience one is interested in?
    Good luck for your adventure and take care of yourself!

    1. 1

      Hey man, thanks for the wishes. These are just sample posts to give users a flavour of what's possible. We actually use a mix of human + AI and research the audience, come up with interesting post ideas, design them, internally vote on them and then deliver these to the customer. You can try it for 7 days for free and decide for yourself if you like it.

      If interested let's connect through email and take it forward. The address is on my profile.


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