Growth February 14, 2020

I've had my best launch (100K Downloads in 4 days), and now what?

Tiago Martinho @TiagoMartinho

Recently I've launched my new iOS app on Product Hunt and it reached 5th place. After that it got featured in Germany, Netherlands and Spain. This attention got me more than 100K Downloads, there was no monetisation in place since I was not expecting it 😅

After this launch I'm getting around 1K Downloads and 8$ of profit per day. I'm now struggling what to work on, my ideas are:

  • Focus on Marketing and grow the user base
  • Focus on try to monetize better the app (A/B test price, different monetisations strategies, etc.)
  • Focus on improving the app, knowing better how users are using it, retention, fixing problems, etc.

My question to the community is: how do you decide what to work on at a given stage of your product?

PS: The app is called Replica and allows to you to duplicate your screen onto your Chromecast TV.
You can try it for free here:

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    That's amazing, congrats on getting featured! Did you do anything apart from the Product Hunt launch - like reaching out to Apple?

    I noticed you still only have ~50 reviews - have you added requestReview in the App?

    That could be a good way to maintain some of the traffic and keep yourself in top rates for app store searches.

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      Thank you Matt!

      I did reach out to Apple, but I'm really sceptic they will promote something that works with Google Hardware instead of the Apple TV. Let's see :P

      I also posted in 3 forums in Reddit, and reach out to several people.

      Yes, I added the requestReview since the first version, but from what I saw with user testing a lot of people ignore it :D Also most downloads came from Germany and Spain and there I got > 150 ratings in both.

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        Thanks for the extra info - sounds like you're doing a lot of things well! I've been trying to get featured by Apple for years, I'm at the point where I submit to be featured every few months assuming it's a numbers game.

        Might help to tweak when you trigger the requestReview? Sounds like it's working pretty well, but you could squeeze a little more value out if you prompt users after a happy moment - like finishing a screencast maybe?

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          At the moment I'm doing after you successful connect to a device. But yes, I should experiment with the best time.

          I'm not sure it's a numbers game, maybe timing is important? And if it's not aligned with Apple goals I believe it's difficult to get noticed.

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            I think that's a good point. I've been wondering if an Apple Watch integration might help with that goal alignment, seems worth a shot.

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              Also a catalyst app?

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    I'd first do some research on the business case for the app. I'd make sure that there are no foreseeable external conditions for at least the next year that could result in your app failing. I'm thinking reviewing competitors, ensuring this isn't just a one-off fad; finding out if there's sustainable business potential.

    If that's the case, then I'd focus on improving the product like you mentioned in the third bullet point. Understand exactly how and why users use your app, and solve their problem and commonly related problems as well as you can. In combination I'd also recommend exploring how you can build virality into your app, and continue engaging with your community.

    If that's not the case, monetise it while it's popular, and explore the nature of the pain point the app solves. Then use this knowledge to find how you can pivot to something more sustainable.

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      Thank you iced! I looked into the competition before creating the app, and there is a ton, for some time now and making decent revenue for a single person.

      The thing is how to know where to focus. I'm always biased toward working and improving the product. But I'm now realising that without a solid marketing strategy it's difficult to grow.

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    Focus on keeping the users you acquired with this successful launch and making them so happy that they will pay for your app. Why? 1. Acquiring users is harder than keeping them. You already had a successful launch. Make sure you don’t let those users go. 2. You want this product to make money so the priority is to validate that people will pay you money for it. My advice is to get to know these users closely (by sending them a survey for example) and understand how you can make them so happy they will want to pay for your app.

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      Yes. That is what I’m noticing. Even with the successful launch most of the users left.

      How would you implement the survey? I don’t have any user information and was not planning on getting it

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    Excellent idea. This comes by default on Android phones. I didn't know it wasn't possible by some Google App on Apple. Well done!

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      Not my idea 😅 there are several other 3rd party apps that do the same

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    Wow, congrats! Can you get some discreet ads in there (ones that don't interfere with the UI) while the download numbers are high? The natural trend for app releases is a spike on release and then a dip, so perhaps work on monetising while you're getting the downloads.

    How did you make the $8?

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      Thank you Jamie! I do have a banner ad at the bottom of the UI and also the option to upgrade to unlock more features and remove the ads. That’s the current source of daily income of 8$

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        Also perhaps you could offer the feature of casting longer than 30 mins per session for 99 cents to bring in some extra revenue from power users of the app. KInd of a nag screen.

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          Was thinking on that. Or also add a watermark. But I’m afraid it would bother too much users

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            Don't try to be too nice! Gotta give people a little nudge to support you sometimes.

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              You’re right. I think I’m delaying it 😅

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    crazy numbers! well done.

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      Yes! No idea how it happened 😅

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