April 18, 2019

I've just launched my first browser extension 😍️

Peter Thaleikis @spekulatius

It's been a crazy ride so far already. Check it out and give me your feedback:


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    Congrats! I've also considered done ideas around better extensions in the past. Out of curiosity, do you have defined how to obtain revenue?

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      Hey Pedro,

      I think I've actually seen your post here on IH. It's chosen to go with a regular listing on the Chrome Webstore to have maximum each and for Firefix decided to go with gumroad as a payment service.


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    GENIUS! congrats

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      Thank you @bubsolow :)

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    That's a pretty cool idea! I love how straightforward the problem is, and how straightforward the solution is. Two minor comments:

    1. I'd just include the demo video above the fold. The header and subheader didn't make sense to me until I actually watched the video.
    2. I'd prefer a video that doesn't autoplay. When I scrolled down to start watching it, it was already a few seconds in, and I had to go back and start it over.

    Also, I'm curious about how you're doing in terms of users and revenue.

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      Hey @adamzerner

      I've tweaked this. The video isn't autoplay anymore. Depending on the size of your screen it should be partial in. I'll continue tweaking the headers too.


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        Oh, btw, revenue and users: Just reached 10 users. You can read about it on twitter or indiehackers

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    nice one! Congrats!

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      Thank you @myakubmizan 🙏️

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    Love the idea. Congrats on launching!

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      Thanks for your support! 🙏️

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    Haha, definitely a problem I have.

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      Yeah, you aren't alone with this - I did some research and around 5-10% of the people forget which social login they used 🙏️

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