Developers March 20, 2020

I've just put together the beta version of the API. Anyone willing to try it (it's free)?


The API is not perfect, but if someone feels like giving it a shot, it would mean a lot to me:

I also made a Github package for Laravel, in case you are interested how an integration on a website might look like.

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    That looks very interesting. Once you release a stable version, i'll use the service for sure. Good luck with the project.

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    Hello @vlad86, can you email me [email protected] - about a possible security issue? I don't want to disclose publicly. Thanks.

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      Oh sure Robin! I will email you right away! Thanks for helping me iron out the vulnerabilities

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        Glad I could help.

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    I gave it a try and successfully integrated it into my build steps for moving all the CSS on my home page from a stylesheet to the head.

    I received frequent timeouts, even after 60 seconds. Sometime the same request (nothing changed) would take 3 tries. It would be nice to have the ability to view access and error logs of my api requests through my account on your website.

    When I try to pass the query param bypass_cache=1, I receive the error message response: "{\"code\":\"UnprocessableEntity\",\"message\":\"\\\"bypass_cache\\\" is not allowed\"}". It would be very useful to have this working. Having to log in manually to your website to reset the cache is not something I'd like to add to my build steps.

    My account shows 0 (zero) calls for this month for my single API key after making multiple requests.

    Hope this feedback helps!

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      Hey, I just noticed there is still a lot of CSS rules remaining that do not exist on the page: Any idea what's going on?

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        Hey hey, thanks for your feedback and insights!
        We are working on it :)
        We will try to iron out the bugs asap and let you know.
        Seriously, I really appreciate your input.

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          no problem. i know how every lit bit of user feedback helps!!

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            Hey Derek, we have released a new version which should fix the performance issues and the bypass_cache parameter.
            The service is still in beta though, so number of requests is not officially logged yet.

            We would be happy to get more feedback.

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    Looks pretty interesting, I've bookmarked it, hopefully its a success so I can use it some day. The landing page looks nice as well. There's just some weird horizontal overflow for some reason..

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      Hey thanks for the nice words!

      Could you please tell me your screen resolution, the device, the OS version and the browser version you are using?

      I'd like to take a closer look under which circumstances that weird horizontal overflow appears.

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        It's the 2 SVGs.

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        Google Chrome 80.0.3987.149 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit) (cohort: Stable)
        Problem persists independently of screen resolution, it also exists in the responsive view inside Dev Tools (at least when viewing normally and enabling dev tools after it loaded). Honestly, I'm super confused right now. Good luck trying to fix (or even reproduce this)

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          Cool thanks for the info! Is that a desktop machine that you are having? And if yes, is it a Windows machine? I think sometimes it matters, so it would help me reproduce it.

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            Yes, I'm on desktop. Tried on a 4k display and a 1080 set to 2x to avoid scaling issues. I tried with Chrome, Edge & Internet Explorer 11. The page looked like garbage on IE, but the horizontal scroll issue persisted.

            Note that the video container has a bigger outline (dropshadow) than the dark blue preview frame with the green button.

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              Thanks! I'm on mac, and tbh I forgot to test it on a Windows machine.
              I'm downloading a Windows VM right now .
              Thank you so much for pointing it out!

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    A few notes:

    1. The example curl command provided in the docs didn't work for me. I needed to provide the -g flag to allow including [] in the URL.
    2. Did you consider using standard HTTP content negotiation for determining the response format instead of your own idiosyncratic way? E.g. curl -H "Accept: application/json"
    3. You may want to consider a more permissive cross origin policy. I can imagine wanting to call your API from a web app.
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    That looks interesting and will definitely try it out in the near future. I'm happy to drop you a message when I'm testing it and with my feedback if you would rather that privately rather than on a public forum.

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      Thank you so much! 🙏

      Pity that there is no private messaging feature on IndieHackers.

      You can reach me on Github, Twitter or email any time.

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        Yeah it is definitely a shame although I think it keeps the community as open as possible.

        I have just followed you on Twitter and sent you an email so you have my details as well.