March 22, 2019

Job Board Feedback

Rik @plaksel

Hey all! 👋

I've build a job board for product management vacancies in London. It's basically a collection of available roles but structured in a way it makes sense for product people, e.g. job level. Other sites often fail to fit Product roles in categories like Marketing or Development.

Looking for feedback about how to grow my customer base and how to figure out who my customer actually is e.g. job hunter vs recruiter.

Site for reference:


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    I like it :-)
    Greets from a "other-niche board" hacker:

    1. 2

      Cheers - love how many people are building niche job boards that are actually useful. Keep up the great work!

      How do you drive users to your website?

      1. 1

        thanks. the power may be with us :-)

        And about driving users to my site. That's actually biggest challenge for me. I started very recently and do now Twitter/FB Page posts, niche-related blog on the page, looking for good backlinks, SEO... But until now the numbers are not good enough. not a surprise, needs time and work.