Coronavirus March 25, 2020

Job boards - how are you doing?


I know plenty of people here run job boards, usually IT focused.

How are you doing? Have you noticed less new offers? What are you expecting will happen in the next month or two?

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    I run Jobs in JavaScript ( March was pretty quiet on our side but since around mid-April I see rebound activity as well as decent salaries for new listings so 🤞

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      Dude, I am literally looking for JS job right now!

      Yeah I have noticed this as well. It got quiet for a second and now I see many great offers.

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    Hello everyone, I run the Jobs for Voice board (
    We focus on roles in the new voice space, think Alexa, Google Action and Bixby.

    We've noticed a fluctuation in the number of users visiting the site each day. Some spikes then flatline the next.

    I'm not sure what is install for the next few months. I am just hoping that some roles can move to remote initially.

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    I'm working on

    I've seen a freeze in hiring with multiple companies till June this year due to the covid bug.

    Majority of the roles are either being taken down or no progress behind the roles that are available..

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    great comments everyone here also started building before the corona hit EU and US

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    I've been building and found that a lot of these job openings that I've curated last week are pretty much closed now. Either they are filled fast or frozen the hiring.

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    I'm working on another remote job board, Remote Jobs Center

    Currently, curating more remote-first companies and jobs, not by API or scrapping, by manually, carefully, and working on a resources page for remote working and WFH, a decent hub for articles, tools and other information that's been publishing on the web.

    My goal is to build a long-lasting resource website, community around remote working, not quickly gain traffic through job listings.

    Also creating a detailed newsletter, as of Sunday weekly editions, which will involve remote jobs that have been listed on the website, with articles, tools, ted talks, news and music of course.
    Starting this Sunday, 26th March.

    You can subscribe here for the upcoming edition: 📰

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    Our HR system has a recruitment/job board section, and weirdly, we are seeing an increase in job postings at the moment (including ourselves, who just added an open job listing a couple of weeks back).

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      Do you think that could be industry related? (you don't have to say what industry it is). Like if it were a job board for nurses right now that would explain the uptick I would think.

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        From scanning the 300+ job listings on our system currently, they look to be across a lot of industries, from manufacturing, services, yes, some nursing and aged care, developers, salespeople, consultants - seems to be a decent mix across skills in all industries.

        While we have had a few cancellations from customers of our SaaS (who have said it is a direct result of COVID-19 and that they will be back after things return to normal), we have had a net increase in customers over the past month. A lot of the new customers have said they signed up for our system purely to try and manage their sudden 'work from home' staffing requirements.

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          Since you have an engaged customer base, now would be a good time to build goodwill - some type of COVID relief...

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            At the moment, we are focused on helping our clients use our HR tool to better serve their 'suddenly remote' workforce ( When things calm down a little, we will look at ways we can 'give back' to the community again - perhaps a free edition of our HR platform to service organisations who are helping with the recovery effort, caring of sick people, or something.

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          That's actually really good to know haha! I was starting to get cold feet on launching my project.

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            I think that even in times of crisis, certain things are still needed and important. You hit the nail on the head - if you niche your job board towards health workers or carers initially, you might get a good take up now - then you can diversify later.

            It's not about capitalising on a disaster. It's about providing a critical service now, when it is needed.

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              In some cases they could be capitalising on a disaster. Let go of some of your staff and get better qualified ones at a discount. Morbid, but maybe a reality. Shareholder approved!

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    I'm trying to find @suren_p , anyone know? JobBoardFire is good but not yet great and I want to push him to get further on the roadmap haha. A little further along and it'll be the best job board builder software I've seen.

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      Looks slick ! I have been contemplating for a moment. It seems complete but its pricing is hard to get start with. I'll look into jobboardfire

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      Have you looked into Wordpress templates?

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        I haven't. I really like the IH model and want to support our group.

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    I launched a week ago and I think the traffic is getting better every single day.
    I haven't worked on promoting it that much because I'm busy with coding and stuff but It's gaining traffic day by day.

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      looks cool. So, what the data source. Do you scrape from other job listings sites?

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        The data source is mainly from other job boards.
        Also I list the jobs from big tech companies.
        Also the new jobs that I send from email are from all of these jobs boards so the users don't need to subscribe to each of the job boards.

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