Join a supportive group of Indie Hackers

I'm going to setup a YC cohort style private group. No fee!
If you'd like to join send a message (empty is fine) here.


Have some agreed to join already, if more than 60 join I'll split into multiple groups. (40-50 is the ideal size for a group where everyone participates)

Idea is that an upvote and quick 'congrats on the launch' on PH shouldn't be too much to ask of the group.

All welcome.

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    Rick, I think there's more that needs to be detailed here:

    • Who are you?
    • What are your credentials?
    • What is the purpose of the group, clearly stated?
    • What is the value of joining?

    A 'YC cohort style private group' with 'No fee!' doesn't mean a whole deal, and I'm familiar with YC.

    Is this an investment group? A pitching group? A startup support group?

    'Idea is that an upvote and quick 'congrats on the launch' on PH shouldn't be too much to ask of the group.'

    Sounds like it's a social engagement group to help people launch on PH?

    I think a boat load more clarity would help you sell the idea and find people who're keen to join.

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      I'm just a pre-revenue founder, group is a a group of peers.

      It's mostly a startup support and advice group. Still bootstrapping no investment.
      Trying to mirror supportive culture of YC cohorts rather than investment focus.

      Value is smaller groups where everyone can know everyone develop trust and will allow more active engagement with problems people have.

      PH vote was just as example of the kind of low cost support the community might reasonably give. (I'm not intending to launch on PH anytime soon)

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    Probably a dumb question and this might be because my vocabulary is lacking but what is a "YC cohort style private group"

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      Came to ask the same thing.

      1. 1

        YC - is short for ycombinator - https://www.ycombinator.com/about

        From that web page:
        "Because we fund such large numbers of startups, Y Combinator has a huge alumni network, and there’s a strong ethos of helping out fellow YC founders. So whatever your problem, whether you need beta testers, a place to stay in another city, advice about a browser bug, or a connection to a particular company, there’s a good chance someone in the network can help you."

        YC has managed to foster a very supportive community among its startup founders and we'd like to mirror that as well in our own group.

        One place to see this is If you look on product hunt launches for YC companies you'll see a lot of their other founders giving a simple 'congrats on the launch' post and presumably upvote.

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    ☑️ just submitted the form

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