Software as a Service July 14, 2020

Just a simple SaaS Name Generator

Benny Chan @bennychan

I've created a simple SaaS Product Name Generator,!

Annoyed by finding suitable product names and available domains, I've created to generate names automatically. Feel free to give me any feedback!

Update on 16/7/2020:
I am launching on Product Hunt today. Please support me!

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    Great little tool, which I have bookmarked for the future.

    I think it's four great categories. However, it would be nice if you could load more name suggestions within each category. I would also prefer to only see available domain names.

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      Yes, the categories are comfortable for viewing compared with the long lists provided by domain companies. Thanks for your feedback!

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    Type in rosie, first suggestions is 😭🐷

      1. 2

        Got Not sure if I want that domain 😆

        1. 1

          Oy oy oy...

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    I typed in "garden", and none of the presented options were available. I'm not sure what to do with this information.

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      Yes, when the keyword is a generic term. It's becoming hard to get available domains. I will think about how to improve this scenario. Thanks for your feedback!

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    Bookmarked! Really nice tool.

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    I loved how quick it is :)

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    Why even bother to show unavailable domains?

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      By showing unavailable domains, users know that the app has checked the results for him.

      If a user just searched for generic terms like "garden", "fish", etc, the app will find very few available names. If only available names are shown, the users may think that the generator gives very few options.

      To improve it, a toggle button [+] can be added. By default, only available names are shown after searching. The button can also show unavailable names

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    Nice start. My two cents: I suggest you look at some of these websites. They really helped me to come up with my name I think you need to add two things to make it more successful than your competitors. The generator needs to play around more with the names. Sometimes it's good if they don't mean anything but they sound nice. To conclude the Generator should play around more with the end name. I also think it would be a plus if it told you directly if the domain name was available or not so that you don't have to go back and forth.

    Hope that helps.

    1. 1

      Thanks, I will try to improve what is shown on the table.

      I don't realize there are so many name generators on the market. After researching for a while, I think Namelix should be the market leader. It has roughly 250K visitors per month. It monetizes by upselling logo packages.

      IMO, marketing & distribution are more important for such a simple product. Search engine drives a lot of traffics to the top players.

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    Well done! It helps a lot!

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    This is amazing. I will be using it plenty. Thanks for making it!

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      Welcome! Let me know if you have any feedback

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    Nice tool. Works fast and seems like you are already monetizing it. Good job.

    Are you using namecheap api?

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      Thanks! Yes, I am using NameCheap API to get the data