November 8, 2019

Just did the Y Combinator interview: here are my notes

Hi all,

as the title mentioned, I did the Y Combinator interview in Paris this week and I wrote up a post detailing:

  • The run up
  • Prepping
  • The interview
  • Next steps

I'm pretty positive about the experience. It really helps you focus, get your thoughts aligned and express yourself clearly. The people are nice and everything is well organized.

I also have doubts and not 100% sold yet on the idea of "going VC".

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    Nice writeup. I like your conversational style, content + attitude.

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      Thanks for reading. Hope it helps some folks here decide on whether YC might be something for them at one stage.

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    What happens if you take the money but don't go VC? It seems they expect most of the companies to die. If you take the money, they still own 7 or whatever %- if you are growing and VCs are interested can you still turn down future rounds and grow at a "lifestyle business" pace?

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    Great write-up. I applied recently but didn't get in. Hope you get in if that's the route you prefer to take.

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    Good post thanks for sharing it.

    I think if you don't "need" the VC route don't take it. It's all really up to what you want and where you want your biz to go...

    But at least you'll have the option now to decide vs no option - if they make you a offer :)

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    I had 2 really heated YC interviews in SF in June (they made me re-interview on the day with different partners) - glad to hear you had a good experience!

    Weird that you say they’ll let you know in a week or so, they let me know same day (I didn’t get in).

    Good luck, holding thumbs for you - Checkly looks cool!