Growth October 15, 2020

Just got on the front page of HackerNoon (3M visitors/mo, according to SimilarWeb)!

Darko @zerotousers

This week has been crazy. Just got accepted & on the front page of HackerNoon (according to SimilarWeb, they have 3 million visitors per month):


Any support would be appreciated (they have a heart button on the right side of the title).

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    I feel like everyone in IH is happy about it (me included obv) because you are always there helping out and giving feedback to people when they post here. That's definitely the way to go.

    Congrats man, well deserved!

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    Nice post! And good luck ! Hearted!

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    Upvoted! Please report back on how much traffic it got you 😀

    The article is awesome value too, I can see the "powered by" strategy be a great growth tactic for some products. Starting to think of ways to use it for mine.

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    Was a really nice read of an article

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    Congrats! Really appreciate if you can share your experience on how to get that achievement.

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    Woah, amazing! Well deserved!

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    Great post! Hearted ❤️

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