May 20, 2019

Just hit #2 on Hacker News


It's just a silly project I threw together during a couple weekends but I'm so proud! I go to the site every day and seeing something I built at the top is an amazing feeling.

If only I had remembered to install Google Analytics....

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    What's the project?

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      and it's a good one! well done @jakes

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        Ooh automated newsletter. I like it.

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    Oh, yay, amazing!

    Shame about the analytics, though I hope you can feedback the impact on sign ups.

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    Congrats on making it to hacker news, I would love to know what how you did that and how long did it take?

    1. 1

      The web app + chrome extension took maybe 3-4 weekends to build. I added it to HN a as a Show HN Monday morning once it was done. I didn't plan on doing anything else with it. I posted because I was done but given the response I'm going to keep it at it for a little longer.

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    I remember reading about on HN. Congrats! How many sign-ups did you get out of it? Are you looking to commercialize it somehow? Best of luck!

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      thanks! about 250 people signed up. I have no idea how to commercialize it. I'll probably create a firefox extension and then ask if people are willing to pay for it. I'd rather not add any ads to the emails.

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    Well done Jake.