March 20, 2019

Just launched a super simple Instagram Checkout

Harry Dry @harrydry

It's a super simple Instagram checkout, which makes selling (and buying) stuff on Instagram so much easier.

The challenge is obviously convincing Instagrammers to move their checkouts over. We've already spoke to quite a few who are keen.

Would be very grateful for any feedback or pitfalls 🙂


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    Yikes. Instagram just launched a checkout feature about 24 hours ago.

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      I know, talk about bad timing haha!
      good job we didn't build the whole thing out fully :)

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    Believe it or not, I saw your post, and read "The challenge is obviously convincing Instagrammers to move their checkouts over..."

    And I was just thinking, nein, the challenge is to convince them to use your platform before instagram builds their own. So that you'll be able to sell it off to instagram (with the valuable user base).

    And then I see the comments.

    Anyways, great idea. OneTap reminds me of Amazon's patented one click purchase. (Patent's expired now afaik).

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      Haha. Yeah, great point. Thanks a lot for the feedback.
      Any other ideas for niches / markets which could do with a super simple one click checkout?

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        I wish there were a way to do that with the realestate industry lol. But that's asking too much right now.

        I run (property classifieds), and just imagine if people could walk into a house they liked, and press the Buy It Now button.

        (Although the only people who may press that button would be the ones with bank accounts, the size of the Amazon river.)

        Actually you could try converting this into a WordPress plugin and put it up on CodeCanyon or somewhere.

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    Ugh, the Instagram news comes at a terrible time for you guys, sorry about that!

    Though it is good news, to some extent. It's obvious you had targeted something valuable and needed - something people want - which is a lot more than many, many founders can say.

    Awesome project notwithstanding!

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      Thank You very much. That's our attitude. Although it's frustrating, it's comforting to know that we we're on the right lines. I think we can try and pivot this to other areas. Essentailly it's just a super simple Instagram checkout. Any ideas?

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    So given the Instagram news, we're trying to pivot this. Essentially it's just a super simple checkout for items. We thought it fitted perfectly for Insta.

    But what other areas could we apply this to? I reckon there's some weird niches we could dig into.

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    This is great!, regardless of the new announcement from Instagram I would like to try your demo.

    All the best!

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      great. thanks. Well if you inputted your email, we'll be in touch.
      What sort of product would you want to sell?

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        it is for my brother who has a tattoo business and wants to sell shirts, hats and other things with the art they create. I have signed up to check it out, but will have to ask my brother to provide the email also.


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    You still have a market if you allow people to own more of their own data in the checkout process / flexibility / cost savings( ie subscription rather than fee based).

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      Thanks Nick. I think it would be a struggle to convince people to use this other Instagram's own service.

      But I take your point. Any idea of other niches we could target this to?