Landing Page Feedback November 11, 2019

Just launched, do you understand what the service is about?

Francisco Carriedo Scher @FCScher

Just pushed the last revision before going open beta at:

If you had to describe in a line what the service is about, what would you say?

Thanks a lot for your time! 🙂

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    I have lots of questions, I guess it’s selling stuff through social media, but what does the storefront look like? Are products just periodically tweeted out? It seems like maybe this is best for services or stores with a very limited product set? I’m having trouble visualizing the customer experience.

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      Hey lrner 👋

      You actually hit some interesting points:

      • Re storefront: The idea is the social network is a great storefront, where you cause a good impression that leads people wanting to buy from you.

      • Re: selling stuff through social media is right, but would does it look to you like a market place (Amazon like) or a tool (Shopify like)?

      • Re: stores with limited product set, mmmmmm... Why?

      • Re: trouble visualizing the customer experience, you mean the seller experience or the buyer experience?

      Great questions lrner, would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

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    Selling stuff thru the social media

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      Spot on!

      Question for you, what is the impression: more of a Shopify or more of an Amazon? 🤔

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          👍 Thanks Roberto!

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    Read the above the fold. No idea what it does. Something about social media and selling?

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      Well, actually you are almost spot on with that what you said! 🙂

      Question for you: how would it sound to you saying on the subheader something like "A social media first Shopify!"

      Would your impression be good? Bad?

      Thanks Josh!

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        Bad impression. You can't control social media, best you can do is put a link in, so why not just link to Shopify?

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          You are right, all you can do is to place a link. And that is all you need to sell! 🙂

          Linking to Shopify, as a customer:

          • Your checkout will be at least x5 slower, chances are you won't buy, when you could buy in 1-click with ShopWindow!

          • You will receive receive emails about your order, when you could be notified with faster and more freshly on your social app (Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, Twitter...).

          ☝️The customer experience is different and agile, you recommend it to a friend!

          As a seller:

          • Spend time deciding on the look and feel of the front end.
          • Spend time finding a Shopify consultant.
          • Spend money paying him and good luck getting things done.
          • Have your store ready some weeks (or months later).
          • Learn to control it.
          • Pay Shopify meanwhile.
          • ...

          When you could have your store ready in 2:30min by yourself and see your first sales the very same day... And if things do not work, you cancel having spent a fraction of time, money and effort!

          ☝️ These are some reasons you would be linking to ShopWindow instead! 🙂

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    Page loads sort of slow.

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      Thanks for that Cooper, good to know! 👍

      How about the rest, what would you say the service is all about?

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    Hey Francisco,

    In a sentence, a marketplace for shopping through instagram/twitter?

    Love the feature list. But I do think you guys could have a much bigger/stronger impression with your main hero-splash image. Let me know if that's helpful at all. Checkout and let me know what you think of our project. Be ruthless haha.

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      Hey Mikaal,

      Yup, you are almost spot on! It is a tool to build your own marketplace/online store if you have presence on social networks.

      There you go my 2cents:

      • I have the impression the service is about generating:

      • Nicer reports than the ones you usually get?

      • Generating them in an easier what than the usual one?
        As said, not clear what the value proposition is.

      • I suggest showing some image, even an isometric mockup showing whats in it for me:

        • A comparison between what it is out there now and your proposition.
        • A real life example comparing side by side before/after Specta.
      • First impression is obviously too dry with the plain purple color, I assume the landing page is in the works.

      • Emojis do not correctly display on my browser, I suggest using inlined emojis as images, you can get them from Emojipedia and use the CSS position: inline property so it follows the text flow.

      • The image art on the features section, looks pretty cool, but says nothing about the service.

      I hope that helps!

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