No-Code February 26, 2020

Just launched my first no-code project!

Chris Lee @Chkrlee

It's a remote design job board built on Bubble. Took me a few months but pretty happy with where I got to. If anyone has any questions on how it was done let me know! I can even take subscriptions via Stripe.

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    Love this, really cool

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      Glad to hear! Can I ask what you love about it / how you think it could be better?

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        I like that its really focussed on a specific niche

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    Congrats! How did you find using Bubble to build it? Did it have all the features you wanted? How was the learning curve? I have a design buddy who wants to build his own things and was going to try out Bubble...

    Quick UX thing, the Location search options are a bit odd - "Exclude US only" for instance - I'd want the opposite, "Include UK only" - otherwise I'd have the select and exclude all the others?

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      Bubble was great! There were for sure some hiccups.. bubble's UX in general isn't great (they just raised a round though, maybe it'll improve soon) but once you 'learn' the poor ux it makes sense if you have a general sense of how programming works.

      A bit of a learning curve for sure though. if you have a buddy who has questions or just even wants a 15m walkthrough, happy to do it (I would have died to have someone show me the ropes in the beginning so maybe I can pass it forward).

      Thanks for the ux tip. defs know it's not ideal.. just have to figure out a good way to do it programmatically because 1. my brain sucks at engineering 2. the jobs all come out with "us only", etc.

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        Thank you, that's very kind - I'll let him know and then maybe we could do a quick call, I'd like to see what it's like too, out of interest.

        Thanks for sharing!

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    Looks nice! Curious to see how that pricing model works for you longer term, hope you can keep us posted.

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      will do.. it's different I'll admit. Nobody charges job SEEKERS. Really more of a business model test than anything

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    Nice, congrats!

    Bubble is awesome.

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    Awesome work!

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    Good stuff!