Just launched our new productized service - feedback welcome!

After having many conversations with agency partners about their page speed woes, we decided to launch our new productized service.

We're focusing on helping service WordPress website owners and WP-first web design firms enjoy a faster website experience.

The business is called ZippyWP: https://zippywp.com. Please feel free to provide any feedback. This is our second spin-off of a productized service from our agency. The first one we put on the back burner as it launched at the beginning of Covid.

This is the first iteration on pricing, trying to offer solutions both direct to business but also with a White Label option. All ears on pricing as well.


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    The layout and design needs to be cleaned up. Users are easily turned off by non-perfect design, that is what my startup is working on right now.

    Shorten the copy, the fewer words, the better.

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    Please change that font in pricing table...
    ZippyWP Pricing screenshot

    I have offered feedback to other members to remove this font too. It doesn't render well across many of my tested screens. And hurts my eyes pretty bad when trying to read.

    So use a thicker font or increase the thickness of this one. (attached image will autodelete after a week)

    1. 1

      Thanks @Dinakar - I changed my fonts around to make them a bit thicker. I noticed some of them (like these ones) weren't actually using the font I wanted.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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    Hey Adam,

    Congrats on joining the productized family aha!

    Just a few quick notes if you don't mind;

    • Try and fill that white space on the LP.
    • The LP could contain all the info your have spread accross multiple pages, you'd be suprised how many don't bother to click through just because they're lazy.
    • You give the option of "getting started" on the LP and "completing purchase" at checkout but no indication of the actual price other than the pricing page.

    Other than that, GL!

    1. 1

      Thanks, for the feedback, @ConsultantRhys

      I tweaked the homepage a bit to add a bit more clarity around what we do, how we do it, and pricing, as you mentioned.

      I really appreciate the feedback. I tried to strip it down too much and hope this performs better as I start going to market.

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