Product Launch October 24, 2020

Just launched 🚀. Thanks to indie hackers for feedback!

Andrew Florial @florial

Me and my partner found it tough to find fun things to do together. Especially because of covid.

So I sought to solve our problems and figured we could solve others problems too.

Easy way to go on dates fully prepared with all the details taken care of... at a reasonable price.


  1. 1

    This looks great Andrew, congrats on launching it. Just a quick note... the "Preview" and "Reviews" buttons in the menu do not execute any function upon clicking them. I know you may now have reviews yet, but just said I would mention it for you to look into. Great concept overall!

    1. 2

      The reviews are under the activities when you click into them. We have a update coming out for the Nav bar. Thanks for checking it out!

  2. 1

    Hey Andrew, nice job!

    I launched something similar in Singapore doing the lockdown and managed to get a decent bit of traction and media.

    How are you progressing? Feel free to reach out in DM if you want to have a chat.

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