Landing Page Feedback January 25, 2021

Just launched, would love some feedback on the landing page!


Hey everyone,

I just launched InScheduler. I'd be very appreciative if you could go on the site, give me some general feedback on what we're getting right and what we're not.

I'd also love to know what you think the product does, to see if we're communicating effectively.

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    Hi! Just a few design comments:
    It's pretty clean, spaced items, nice illustrations, I like the font and the colors.
    The website is maybe a little bit pale, I would add more contrast by adding a light green background in the last section.
    I agree with the previous comments, you can remove the period on the headline it distracted me.
    I hope this helps!

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    Two small things:

    Remove the period at the end of the headline. It is distracting how it moves around like that as the text types.

    $25 all said and done? Or is this per-user/per-seat?

    Overall, LOVE the page. The product is crystal clear. I think it's going to be important for your users, though, to see what the vendor-side UI looks like. "See all your appointments in one place" makes sense, but what exactly does this look like? Can every barber/stylist see their own schedule? Or do they all need to be looking at the same screen?

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      It's a flat $25! Thanks for your feedback :)

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    It's a solid 9/10 from me!
    I think the image at the top right on the hero above the fold could be a little bit better representing of your audience if you had it fade in and out as the text changes. i.e.
    If you say Nail salon, show a nail salon image - if it's a doctor, a doctor image...even better you could show the DEMO straight up here... does that make sense?

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      Thanks a lot for your feedback!

      I agree with having the image change with the text. What I want to do is hire an animator to have that image change with the text, but I can do what you're suggesting as an interim solution!

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    Based on the screenshots, looks nice.

    I have two feedback items.

    1. The "I have - 5 + employees" confused me for about 10 seconds. Then I realized the purpose of it. So, I think you could safely drop the section from the page. The $25/mo for 10 employees is straightforward.

    2. My current salon sends text meassages for appt confirmation and reminders. I'd consider switching to text instead of email. I have integrated twilio into one of my apps, and it was pretty simple. If you decide to go this route and have issues, hit me up on Twitter.

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      Thanks for the feedback.

      Got rid of the pricing calculator. As for text reminders, we'll be pursuing that in the near future but wanted to solidify our pricing model for that first as Twilio charges per text.

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    I think it looks great. The sample widget works great to build trust. I looks great, and makes them imagine what their site could be like.

    Good job.

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      Thank you very much! :)

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        Hey, I'm planning on doing a series of posts on my blog about InScheduler, a review/rewrite series taking InScheduler as an example.

        1. Do you object?
        2. Would you be open to answering some questions on a call about the buyer's mindset, maybe even answer them on an upcoming landing page review meetup?

        Send me an email if you like: [email protected]

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    I really like your website and product itself.

    I like the vibrant colours and the heading changing to the type of business.

    A general suggestion would be to substitute the illustration to a more personalized one, maybe a more conceptual illustration on 3D or something like that, or even a picture.

    I suggest this, because since there are a lot of illustration banks this type of image has become overused. Nevertheless, in your website it looks good and helps to know what the website is about, and it doesn't distract you from the important stuff.

    Just in case, you want to put more effort on the design and differentiate from competitors or similar products.

    Regarding information and hierarchy everything works pretty well. It's pretty clear what the product is about.

    So the primary goal is met.

    Hope you find anything that I said useful. :)

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      Thanks a lot for your feedback! It's very much appreciated.

      I agree we could be doing more design/illustration-wise to stand out. That's one of my highest priorities after we onboard our initial customers and get to a stable point.

      I definitely want to hire an illustrator to make the illustration at the top of the website much more unique than the illustration packs that you mentioned .

      Once again, thank you so much :)

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    I really like this. The concept is relatable and well-conveyed. I like the clean design of the site. It feels professional and friendly.

    I have a personal bugbear about full stops (periods) in heading, but that's subjective.

    I agree that the "per employee" calculation is a bit odd until you realise what it's showing. Honestly, at that flat price you're charging, I don't think many businesses would balk at $25 for 1 user let alone 10.

    Really minor:

    • No Shows => No-Shows
    • Can you get "Make Scheduling Easy." to fit on one line?

    Well done!

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot for your feedback!

      Got rid of the pricing calculator as that seemed to confuse a lot of people. Good catch on the "no-shows."

      I intentionally made the "Make Scheduling Easy." take up 2 lines to emphasize "easy" and have it take up more space so people stop and look. If others have the same feedback as you, I'll definitely make it one line.

      Thanks once again :)

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    It's a slick looking page! Well done. Clean and clear.

    I guess my question is that this is only meant for cosmetic personal care businesses? Would it work for, say, dentists? If you are interested in a wider target, perhaps use them as examples, since as it is, it only seems to target cosmetic personal care.

    The pricing boxes at the bottom are confusing. I would recommend getting rid of the box on the right that does the per employee calculation (I'd be dubious of any business owner who couldn't at least use a calculator to figure that out on their own.)

    Just add a box below the pricing box or even another bullet point with something like, "Got more than 10 employees. Contact Us."

    Ability for texting appt reminders is also a good idea. ALl the best!

    1. 2

      Thanks a lot for your feedback!

      Yes, this is only meant for service-based health/beauty businesses. Technically, a dentist/lawyer/doctor/etc. could use it as well, but they are not our target.

      We specifically chose not to deal with anything medical as we didn't want to take on any legal liabilities and compliance for those rules would be relatively difficult for both, the US and Canada.

      Narrowing our focus onto this category will make it easier for us to reach our target audience.

      Good call on the texting reminders, that's definitely on our roadmap. We just have to figure out which pricing model we want to use for texting reminders and that'll be good to go.

      Thanks once again for the feedback :)

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