Landing Page Feedback December 23, 2019

Just released our new landing page - would love any and all feedback!

Mac Reddin @TeaGuns

Won't taint your initial impressions by giving you any info about what we do, but please feel free to be as nitpicky as possible, both on design and content!

Appreciate anyone taking the time in advance :)

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    The site looks nice but not sure what the product does.

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    Cool design but the page doesn't flow for me. There are quire a few visual breaks when I scroll the page. Maybe it is the typography.

    I'm seeing a lot of community software startups these days, exploring community building for my startup. There are so many ways to build and manage a community and a lot of micro interactions make or break the whole community. Put up screenshots of the software in action.

    I feel that the site can do a better job of convincing me why I should use this instead of the competition. Provide a comparison with the competition for visitors to make a purchase decision. Couldn't find information about pricing and your roadmap page shows a HTTPS certificate error.

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    I like the colour scheme, and I have an idea of what a digital community is so I think that gives me a sense of the product you're offering. I think possibly show other successful communities that are using your product, that would give me a much better idea of how your product works.

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    Hi Mac,

    Looking at it from functional aspects. I am really not clear with what you are trying to sell. You need to elaborate a bit more about the features of the product. If this platform is going to bought by individuals and enterprises, there should be a trust building content.


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    Hiya @TeaGuns, very cool site! I'll share with my co-founders, who've built some huge communities. I don't have a lot of feedback, just an observation on the illustrations. Firstly, they're great - if you don't change anything, I think you'd probably be fine.

    My initial impression was "this is community software, but each of the people feel isolated". Camera hiding the face, looking down at the laptop. The gamer and businessperson are kinda looking at each other, and that felt more engaging to me.

    As I said, it my be an opportunity, but if you didn't change it you'll probably be fine. Hopefully get to use the product one day soon!

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    I like the minimalist design but noticed the width of the page isn’t quite set up to work on mobile. The word Community runs off the edge of the screen causing a horizontal scroll bar on Safari iOS.

    Also, the copy sounds good but would like visuals of the product to motivate me to look deeper. It’s true, people are lazy and don’t read but rather skim and like to look at pictures.

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    Hi Mac, love the design!
    The people at the intro are really good, they give a good idea of the core value.
    The only thing I might like is more images of the product, just to get a better idea of the functionality. Also its a bit too minimalistic, maybe use more images/graphics. I fell like I have to scroll a lot for just bits of information (desktop)

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