Landing Page Feedback November 20, 2020

Just revamped my landing page (again)

Mukhtar Raage @mooraage

I would love some feedback, does this page make sense to you, can you tell what the product does right away from the Hero section? Can you understand how the product is used?

Thank you in advance my friends!

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    Hi again Mukhtar,

    That H1 is so much better! It leaves the reader in zero doubt as to what your software does.

    It sets the context really well, and then goes on to really push the analytics side, which is the biggest benefit. Great work!

    The only criticism I can see is that the waiting list fields cut off the watermark text, and the labels seem to wrap needlessly.

    Apart from that, really good mate.


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      Hey Jon!

      I'm using unicorn platform and they don't give much customisation for that part but I'll check what I can do.

      Thank you for the kind words!!

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    One note, you use terms and phrases of comparison but end up not comparing.
    "A Smoother & Fulfilling Experience" you have this header for a group of text that describes what the experience is. But the "smoother" part makes me think... "smoother than what?"

    So I'd breakdown a bit, what is a user doing now? PLUS how does Newny make it smoother, better, more awesome.

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      This is a great point Andrew. I'll update that. Thank you for the feedback!

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      Thank you for pointing those out, I'm using for my landing page. There's only so much customisation available for me to implement but I'll start working on some of those things you pointed out.

      Thank you for the video!

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